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How widespread is poverty within Winnipeg's Jewish community

By BERNIE BELLAN I don’t know about you, but when I see something - whether it’s in a newspaper or magazine article or perhaps in an e-mail,  that purports to make a claim that seems to defy logic, I don’t immediately run a Google check to see whether there’s anything to that claim. Instead, my usual reaction is: “Wow! I sure didn’t think that was the case.”

A response to Bernie Bellan’s depiction of his interview with Jeff Halper

 I read your entire Short Takes (Feb. 18 issue) and am troubled by lots of it, and not from an ideological point of view but from a media criticism point of view and from a view that you are either more to the hard right in your views than you realize, or that you have simply accepted right-wing terms of discussion, or feel the need to rely on them to counter leftist views you disagree with, rather than to flesh out a more nuanced discourse so many of us are craving....