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Bruce Brown. A Canadian. And an Israeli. Made Aliyah a long time ago. (Still) happily married to a beautiful sabra and with two grown kids. Bruce works in Israel’s high tech sector by day and, in spurts, is a somewhat inspired writer by night. He won the 2019 American Jewish Press Association Simon Rockower Award for excellence in writing. Bruce is now blogging for The Jewish Post & News; his beat….reflections on life in Israel.

Don’t Panic

Posted July 6 5:56 pm
Been going to synagogue the past thirty days for morning Kaddish. My dad recently passed way. May his memory be for a blessing.

Walked to synagogue – five minutes away- with a colorful, knitted kippa and a long, flowing tallis (prayer shall) flaying over my shoulders. And it felt so… normal.

Guess I’ve taken the inherent Jewish nature of Israel for granted. Given the rampant spread of anti-Semitism and random anti-Jewish violence. With Jewish communities issuing warnings against wearing Kippot, Tallit or jewelry with the Star of David. Less it be too provocative.


Our new Lapid-Bennett government coalition is very diverse. Jews. Arabs. Women. Right. Left. Handicapped. Orthodox. Secular.

To wit. The Arab & Druze ministers. Esawi Frej and Hamad Amar, respectively. The two handicapped ministers. Wheel chair bound Karin Elharrar who suffers from Muscular Dystrophy. And Shirley Pinto-Kadosh who is deaf. She took her oath of office in sign language. The next day my daughter started teaching herself sign language. Can you be more inspiring Shirley? Minister of Immigration, Pnina Tamano-Shata from Ethiopia. I made Aliyah on a comfortable El Al Boeing 767. Pnina trekked 7,000 miles from Sudan to Israel. Nine women Ministers. A huge contrast to our last government: characterized by the male-dominated Ultra-Orthodox Jewish parties. Also a big inspiration to my feminist daughter. And a Prime Minister of North American immigrant parents who is fully fluent in English. Further inspiration to the two kids of this Canadian-cum-Israeli blogger.

Amotz Asa-El, a favorite Israeli columnist, said it best. “Such is this…rainbow coalition, which besides being socially diverse is also a collection of political antagonists who set out to prove what they share is bigger than what they dispute, an aim which fills its detractors with fear, and the rest of us with hope.”


Time for a poem. Yes I’m a word nerd.

Originally written in 2003 during the 2nd Iraq War. When there was again fear that Saddam would fire chemical missiles at Israel. He didn’t. Instead he was found huddling in some underground cave and subsequently executed. With some minor tweaking it’s also relevant to our mini wars with Hamas. 2009. 2012. 2014. 2019 x 2. And 2021. Referring again to Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, ‘plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose’ (my blog: May 26, Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr).

Don’t Panic…Uncertainty Does Prevail

Late at night, the kids tucked in
The war has started, our heads in a spin
We look to each other for comfort
The country told to keep its routine…
But open the shelters, stay close by
Don’t panic, keep cool you must try
Keeping abreast of the news with no avail
Uncertainty simply does prevail
Their missiles may fly quite high
But our Iron Dome knocks them from the sky


I will be on blogging on a Winnipeg Beach/Red sea footing this summer. Heading to the beach with juicy red watermelon, a few books and overpriced suntan lotion. Will be writing only once/month through August. Hope to reset in September. Enjoy the sunshine and fishflies.

Regards from Israel,


Posted Monday, June 28 at 10:49 am

Reports of another prisoner exchange in the works. Hamas has the Bowery Boys negotiating on their behalf. You know. 1 for you, 3 for me. 2 for you, 7 for me. 4 for you, 1,111 for me.

 Yes. That’s the ratio Hamas expects. They want 1,111 prisoners in exchange for our 4 Israelis. Two mentally ill Israeli civilians who inadvertently crossed the border several years ago – Avera Mengistu and Hisham al-Sayed. Plus the bodies of two solders – Hadar Goldin and Oren Shaul – held since the 2014 conflict, Operation Protective Edge.

The Bowery Boys previously negotiated deals of similar splits. In 2011 IDF solder Gilad Shalit was released after five years in captivity. 1 for you, 1,027 for me. In 2008 Israel received the bodies of two Israeli soldiers -Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev captured in a 2006. 2 for you, 204 for me. This exchange included the controversial release of Samir al Kuntar. Convicted for the 1979 Nahariya terrorist attack where four Israeli’s were killed including a four year old girl. Kuntar -no Horace DeBussy Jones was he.

To close this story. Upon release Kuntar was awarded Syria’s highest military medal and honored by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He was subsequently killed when the building he lived in was destroyed in an air strike. Israeli?


When leaving the house. I have this nagging feeling I forgot something. Like being slightly naked. Oh ya. It’s my mask. Given our vaccine-nation status and near-herd immunity (or something like that) we no longer need to wear masks. At all. I wish this same feeling to my Canadian family and friends and the other 37M Canucks.

Now that pleasure was short lived. Israel just rolled back our mask-freedom. Last Friday at noon. Given recent Covid spikes -hello variants- we again need to wear our masks. Just indoors for now. As Jackie Gleason would say, “how sweat it was!”


Now what’s with Netanyahu’s pass-down to Bennett. Twenty-five minutes? I remember my first entry-level professional job. At Bank Leumi, in Tel Aviv. 1989ish. It took my predecessor ~ two weeks to pass-down the intricacies of the job. And I was just a lowly clerk in the international banking division. And the PM gets 25 minutes?!


Move over Jaffa oranges. Israeli cherry season was terrific. Our Galilee cherries are fabulous.


Israeli archeologists unearthed a 1,000 year old chicken egg shell. Intact during an excavation of a vast 4th-7th century CE industrial area in the Yavne region. Go figure. I can barely manage to place a dozen eggs in our egg tray without cracking one. Now can you imagine the Bowery Boys working at the Israeli Antiquity Authority and responsible for this egg business. “Sach, be careful with that egg…!” Or with bowl and spatula in one hand. An egg -not just any egg- in the other. Sach innocently asks his pals, “Anyone for scrambled eggs.” Now that would be funny.

Regards from Israel,

An Open Letter to Naftali and Yair, Part 2 of 2

Posted June 21, 9:32 am

Dear Naftali and Yair.
Again congratulations! Hope my last blog-letter resonated with you both. Here are some additional thoughts from centular (from last letter, that’s center-secular) Israel.

Israel must be more in sync with the diaspora. Unfortunately there’s a growing disconnect. The younger ‘galut’ generation are less involved and more apathetic towards Israel. With growing antisemitism worldwide, these diaspora communities are suffering and at some risk. Whereas we centular Israelis either expect too much or are somewhat apathetic to their needs. But an interdependence exists and it must be clearly defined and better nurtured. And let’s not ignore the larger Evangelical base which should also be nurtured.

Peace. Unobtainable on so many levels for too many years. While no longer an existential threat. Unlike protecting the character of our state (from last letter – that’s democratic and Jewish) and ensuring we don’t become a theocracy. However we cannot live in a perpetual state of belligerency -cold, hot or lukewarm- with many of our neighbors. The Abrahamic Accords are a boon to regional peace and development. Now we need a deal with the Palestinians. Didn’t Trump offer them $ 50,000,000,000 (that’s billion!) to make peace. What happened to that idea? Heck, I’ll take it! Seriously, I don’t want to escort my grandchildren to the Tel Hashomer draft center when they turn eighteen. As for Iran. Be prepared to face down Kings and Queens and Presidents for our security. Iran cannot go nuclear. Period. Bibi was tireless in this regard. So must you.

Speaking of which. A bit about your predecessor. Benjamin Netanyahu. A lifelong servant to the state. Passionate. Devoted. Fearless. He may have taken a few cigars and bottles of pink champagne along the way. May have asked for a few positive headlines here and there. But compared to his dedication and achievements for Israel. Not that big a deal. We need to close this chapter. A pardon-with-honors. Let Bibi retire to write his memoirs from the comfort of his villa in Caesarea. He may not want that -looks like he’s preparing to be a tireless opposition leader- but he’s certainly deserving.

Gentlemen. As you begin your term. Remember the strength of our economy. The brilliance of our hi-tech, bio-tech, cyber-tech, fin-tech and other-tech sectors. The power and humanity of our military. The benefits of our natural gas & water desalination resources. The newfound glitter of our start up celluloid industry. The beauty and wisdom of our 5,000 year old heritage (you got this one Naftali). And the ongoing sweetness of our Jaffa oranges, Galilee cherries and cherry tomatoes. If the adage of old was ‘we never promised you a rose garden’. Well, today our garden is well tended and thriving. As you rotate the Prime Ministership please continue with its tending.

Naftali. I was impressed with how you -our first democratically elected, kippa wearing Prime Minister- ended your inaugural speech. With The Blessing for the State of Israel. Strongly mixing our need for democracy. With our need to remain a Jewish state.

Wishing you all the success in managing our little shtetel.

Regards from Rehovot

Blog Entry # 10: An Open Letter to Naftali and Yair -  Part 1 of 2
Posted June 14 2:48 pm

Dear Naftali and Yair:

It only took four undecisive elections over a two year period. But you finally formed your anti-Bibi coalition. Which was wisely transformed into the ‘government of change’. We all know you cannot rest on your ‘anyone but Bibi’ laurels once this goal is achieved concomitant to your swearing in ceremony. You now need to manage the ‘change’ element of your coalition.
A unity government. What an understatement. Patching together disparate world views from the far right, the far left, the center, Arab-Islamists and Jewish religious parties. Did I leave anyone out? Now you need the wisdom and political acumen to keep these parties together for the good of Israel. For all of Israel.

So what needs to be changed. From my centular (center-secular) Israeli perch. Hmmm. Where to begin. Where to end.

The vision thing. 1) Israel must remain a democratic state. It must also remain a Jewish state. For all its people. Are these visions contradictory? Well, good luck with that. 2) Israel must not become a theocracy. Which is why I voted secular. Yes, you Yair. 3) Israel must have sectoral harmony. Arab, Jew, Orthodox, Secular. We cannot let the extremists amongst us prevail. 4) And of course. Our political system needs fixing. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, proportional representations is the best form of democracy except for all other forms. And Israel needs term limits for its Prime Minister. To quote John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton (isn’t Google wonderful); “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Now you gents need to roll up your proverbial sleeves. Fix the State. 1) Pass a budget. Reflecting today’s reality. Then throw away the worn out 2018 budget we’ve been pro-rating the last couple of years. 2) Better distribute the tax burden. I am not talking socialism (Yikes!) but rather ensuring all sectors pay their dues. 3) Share the burden -or honor- of military service equitably amongst all citizens. Ben Gurion’s state-building compromise to exempt 400 Yeshiva students was relevant and politically expedient in 1948. Don’t think it was intended to morph into the massive draft-dodge fest it’s become today. 4) Make a real education mandatory. Every student has the right -whether they want it or not- to the three Rs. 5) Repair our national road infrastructure. I spend way too much time stuck in traffic. 6) Rehabilitate the Arab sector. Rampant crime and decaying infrastructure does not make good neighbors. I guess that’s where Ra’am comes in. Good luck Mansour Abbas. 6) Clean our streets. They are way too dirty. Okay this one is more municipal. Mayor Malul – are you listening?

Naftali, Yair. You showed great humility, respect and decorum during the swearing in ceremony. Thank you. Rising above the rif-raf of the Knesset. Noise which must fade away as you begin healing a nation bruised by the last two years of political deadlock and extreme rhetoric. Naftali. Your maiden speech was ‘hands-on’. Very Eshkolesq. Detailing the chores ahead. This is what’s needed as you and Yair begin the task of national repair. Gods Speed.

And please bear with me as I prepare the second part of my letter for next week’s blog. As I said. Where to begin. Where to end.

Regards from Rehovot,
                    Entry # 9  - Posted June 7 11:45 am
                                        Subject: $$$$

We still need to pay for Operation Guardian of the Wall. Israel suffered millions in damages from direct missile hits. Israeli businesses incurred over 370M$ in indirect losses. Every Iron Dome missile fired cost ~ 65KUS$ - another ~200MUS$ (do the math). Our re-arming – hundreds of millions. The list goes on.
The international community promised to rebuild Gaza. Minus tunnels and rockets. Hopefully. And while such reconstruction is in Israel’s interest. Hey…what about us.

Please donate now. To your favorite Israeli charity! Or come visit, tourist dollars are very welcome.


Our saferoom. Transformed back to our den. The same physical room. Didn’t change anything. The faded blue couch is still there. At least until my wife gets rid of it. Ya, right! The flat screen TV hasn’t moved. Still the same four re-enforced concrete walls. But with the mini-war behind us. It’s simply no longer thought of as the ‘saferoom’. Its once again the ‘TV room’. As it should be!

During those lovely eleven days of missile tag we would say; “Quick. Siren. Everyone into the saferoom”. Even when missiles weren’t falling -but they could- it was; “Hey, bring me the paper from the saferoom.”

Now it’s again called the TV room. Like; “Hey, bring me the paper from the TV room.”


Lights. Camera. Action. Movie theaters re-opened last week across Israel as the country leaves coronavirus behind. Think I’ll continue enjoying my Netflix & micro-waved popcorn a while longer.


Seismologists say an earthquake along the Syrian-African rift (i.e. my backyard) occurs every 130-150 years. Which is nowish…

Well. We can rest easy for another ~150 years. Israel just had its earthquake. Bibi Netanyahu was dethroned. Beaten at the polls. By the ‘Government of Change’.

A hodgepodge of rightwing, leftwing, centrist, Arab-Islamists and Jewish religious parties. Patched together. To be sworn in next week. Ousting the rightwing, Jewish orthodox block of Benjamin Netanyahu. Twelve years of uninterrupted rule.

Bibi’s legacy. Tricks and shticks and legal battles aside. He build Israel’s modern, capitalist, hi tech economy. He moved Israel into the OECD. He oversaw Israel’s per capital GDP grow to ~ 44KUS$. He kept us safe and secure (relatively, I guess). He’s challenged the world while holding Iran at bay. He vaccinated us. And he gave us the Abrahamic Accords. As Israel’s UN Ambassador (late ‘80’s), Netanyahu was an inspiration for my own Aliyah. I remember seeing him deliver a speech at some Toronto venue. Wow! A warrior-cum-stateman. And could he speak! I digress - that’s another blog.

Albeit it. The adage holds true. ‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’. And Netanyahu has been in power too long.

But…not eulogizing him yet. As with Israeli politics. And particularly with Netanyahu. There can be many tremors between now and the swearing in of our new government. Led by the religious, right wing, hi-tech millionaire Naftali Bennet and the centrist, former journalist and TV anchorman Yair Lapid. And even after. Stay tuned and hold on tight. In the meantime I am working on an open letter to these two gents for my next blog. Assuming tremors don’t topple them before they even begin.


Remember. Donate. Or start planning your visit. Now. Please.

Regards from Israel,

Entry # 8 - Posted May 31 7:29 am

Pictures & Words

If a picture tells a thousand words. Take a look at this.



I’m no expert in ethology but think our dog is suffering a kind of canine PTSD. During the war Poncho was also under stress. Running -mostly carried- to the saferoom during missile alerts. When we would dash to our balcony to watch -and even feel (yes, the earth shook at impact)- the Iron Dome shooting down missiles over neighboring cities he would bark like crazy. Am sure Poncho noticed an increase in his humans anxiety and excitement levels. He knew something was amiss. Now Poncho’s barking and pawing more usual – driving me nuts! Maybe a visit to Poncho’s vet is needed….


Speaking of pinpoint battle accuracy. Israel used sophisticated AI and Big Data analysis to strike at Hamas military targets -and avoid civilian casualties - throughout the 11 day operation. Complicated algorithms and code -developed by Israel’s famed army unit 8200- enabled precision strikes. To wit. A senior Hamas operative -hiding in a tunnel under a high-rise building neighboring schools and a medical clinic – was killed by a targeted missile strike with no collateral damage. The infamous Hamas Metro – a military tunnel network hundreds of kilometers long and largely built under residential areas - was heavily damaged (see previous blog: Security Insecurity) with minimum civilian deaths or damage. Israel’s fame as the Start Up Nation is not for nothin’.


So if Israel is known as the Start Up Nation. And more recently the Vaccine Nation. Think we should also be referred to as the Iron Dome Nation.

Unfortunately we can also be referred to as the Election Nation. Four elections in two years. While a ‘government of change’ -hello Lapid and Bennett – is on the way, a fifth election in the near term may still be brewing. Proportional Representation, the best form of democracy except for all others (to paraphrase Winston Churchill).


If words describe a thousand pictures. Read this. ‘Israel protects its population from rockets while Hamas protects its rockets with the population.’

Pulled from an article by Walter Bingham. At 97, Israel’s elder journalist and holder of the Guinness Word Record as oldest radio talk show host. With those credentials, he must have some insight and wisdom.

Regards From Israel,


Entry #7 - Posted May 26 10:45 am

Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

Who said that the more things change the more they are the same? Well. Maybe things just haven’t changed. But they are certainly staying the same.

2009 Operation Cast lead. 2012 Operation Pillar of Defense. 2014 Operation Protective Edge. 2019 Operation Black Belt.

All with Gaza. All resulted in tremendous destruction to Gaza. All resulted with some damage to Israel. All resulted with some sort of cease-fire. All resulted in great praise of Israel’s Iron Dome. All resulted in great praise -in Israel anyway- for the IDF’s humane approach to warfare. All resulted in UN condemnation of Israel. All resulted in more World Court allegations of war crimes against Israel. All resulted in Hamas bellicose of how they won the war. All resulted in international efforts to rebuild Gaza. All resulted in best efforts to ensure the aid -cement and dollars- wouldn’t go to Hamas. All resulted in the aid going to Hamas. All resulted in Hamas rebuilding tunnels and missiles. All resulted in another war a few short years later.

And now 2021’s Guardians of the Wall. Been there. Done that.

Just me being very cynical.


Now what’s with that chess website. The one showing which country you’re from when randomly pairing you with a partner. Small little home country flags next to your name. Very proud of my blue & white. But seems it’s harder to find a partner these days. Attribute to the surge in worldwide anti-Semitism and anti-Israel feelings. Roger Waters. I challenge you to a game of chess.

Again a cynic!

BTW. It was the French writer Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr who wrote (for our anglophone friends): ‘plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose’.

Monsieur Karr also said ‘Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses’. Now how close is that to the Israeli Aliyah poster of yesteryear – ‘We Don’t Promise You a Rose Garden’ (picture: a dessert. A bed of thorns. And one blossoming rose). It inspired me on some level. You see. I can also be a romantic idealist.

I can also be just a romantic. I re-proposed to my wife on our 23rd wedding anniversary. At our favorite pizzeria in Tel Aviv. With my kids, and even my mother-in-law, in tow. And she said yes. But I digress.

Regards From Israel,

Entry #6 - posted Tues., May 18, 10:55 am

The Current Normal

Hamas threatened Israel. Stop bombing us or we will attack Tel Aviv again. Then Clint Eastwood said, “Go ahead. Make my day”.

While Hamas has held true to their threats. Do they really think Israel will succumb to their bellicosity. And really. Who is attacking who anyway (rhetorical question).

It’s clear Hamas is the initiator. First firing rockets at Jerusalem last Monday due to tensions in the dang-what’s-that-neighborhood-called neighborhood. And remains the aggressor with its continued, indiscriminate missile firing into Israel. Attempting to maximize civilian damage. And ironically Israel gets called out on this.

Israel. Responds. Pin points their attacks at military targets. Unfortunately Hamas military is embedded within the civilian population. Israel takes every effort to minimize civilian casualties. Sending text messages or dropping leaflets or ‘knocking on the door’ (dropping noise bombs to alert inhabitants of pending incoming). It even calls off attacks if civilians are at risk. Possibly the most humane army in the world – this is not bellicose.

Just don’t get why the international community accuses Israel of targeting innocent civilians. Its clearly the other way around.


Uncertainty prevails. Hamas threatens retaliation at Tel Aviv, it hasn’t happened. Yet. Was a very violent weekend on both sides. Huge missile barrages at our south. Israel responded with attacks on Hamas and their military infrastructure (rocket launchers, rocket R&D centers, rocket production centers, banks, drones, the Metro, etc). Followed by a quite night with no bombings. Well six rockets were fired at Israel from Southern Lebanon. Please not a 2nd front. Musings of ceasefires. Israel’s Security Cabinet nixed that idea – it ain’t over yet. And this morning attacks fully resumed towards our Gaza periphery and beyond. But not yet the center of the country. And Israel responded with full force. It’s the fog of war.


The current normal:
When our kids go out we ask if there are shelters nearby
When we go out we check if there are shelters nearby
Conversation inevitably ends with “stay safe”.
Every Israeli has a ‘Code Red’ missile alert system downloaded. For real time missile attack data
We’re staying away from mixed cities
We drive with open windows, better to hear the Sirens
The Israeli stock market continues to rise (increased 1% today)
Our election blues are kind of forgotten – the psychology of shared goals
Corona long forgotten

Regards from Israel,

Entry #5 - posted 1:19 am Mon., May 17

Misplaced Thanks

A friend is currently visiting his daughter in Israel. Who unwittingly became caught up in this military madness. Who told me how thankful Israelis should be to the Obama administration for the Iron Dome and our safety. Really!!!! I need to barf and vent.

Thankful? To Barak Obama? And his administration? For the Iron Dome? For our safety? Wow! Double Wow!

I am thankful to Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries for developing the Iron Dome. I am thankful to Brigadier General Daniel Gold, who initiated and managed development of the iron Dome. I am thankful to Defense Minister Amir Peretz -and all subsequent Israeli governments- who had the foresight to support development & operation of the Iron Dome. I am thankful to the Iron Dome solders-my daughter amongst them- who operate the Iron Dome.

I am proud of the 9M Israelis who go about their routines during these difficult times. Knowing they are protected by the Iron Dome.

If anything Obama, through his cavorting with the Iranians, has made the world -and specifically my little shtetl- a much more dangerous place. Thanks a lot Barack.


An exhausting and frightening six days. Anxiety waiting for the sirens. Then sitting in the safe room waiting for the ‘boom’. Contact between our Iron Dome anti-missile and the Hamas missile. Unnerving. Sometimes there’s no ‘boom’ and we need to wait at least 10 minutes before exiting. A type of silent ‘all clear’ signal. A barrage of missiles much more complicated. Booms and sirens and silence intermingling.

Our safe room doubles as our den. TV. Internet. Telephone. Comfortable couch. Colorful pictures and posters. Can be quite comfortable during normal times. Otherwise it’s a hermetically sealed concrete bunker in the middle of our condo. The ‘clack. of the steel door and ‘screeching’ of the metal window shields quite intimidating.

Over 2200 missiles fired at Israel. Reaching our center and beyond. Randomly and indiscriminately targeting civilians. Including us - hey leave us alone!. Eleven civilians and one soldier killed. Some damage to buildings, cars, farmland and city infrastructure. Thankful to the Iron Dome’s 90% accuracy. Thankful to the home front’s level of preparedness. Thankful to Hamas’s inability to target with accuracy.

Most worrying is this wave of civil unrest. Between Israeli Jews and Arabs. The former nothing more than extreme, right wing, hooligans. Our mixed cities -some just a short drive away- becoming characterized by ethnic rioting and violence. Just not sure how to read this. What it means for long term harmony. Or at least a return to the peaceful status quo of just six days ago.

Saddened by the death and destruction in Gaza. 136 dead. 830 injured. Mainly combatants. But not all. Targets are military. Rocket launching sites. Terror cells. The Metro (Blog - Security Insecurity, May 14 2021). When Israel targets (and hits) civilian structures its because Hamas is hiding there. Embedded amongst banks, hospitals, foreign media outlets and civilian dwellings. Israel prefers not to bomb refugee camps and hi rise apartments. But when Hamas hides there. Embedding military infrastructure amongst private housing, hospitals and mosques. We have little choice. Our first priority is to defend ourselves.


Rocket sirens continued to blare down south throughout the weekend. Hard hit cities include Sderot, Ashdod, Ashkelon and even Beersheba. The center remaining quite.

Our area had a just-past-midnight dash to our saferooms on Sunday. Otherwise pretty quiet here. Although we often see and hear the missile and anti-missile dance in the distance from our living room window. Hey…it’s a small country.

There are now talks of ceasefires. While missiles continue to rock our country. And Gaza. Truth and clarity remain foggy.

Regards from Israel,

Entry # 4 - posted 11:00 am CDT Sat., May 15

Don’t Answer That Call

My wife received a call on her cell the other day. Caller ID’d it as ‘Suspected Hamas Affiliate’. Now how does that work? Who is screening these calls? And whatever happened to privacy?

Looking for a Pulitzer Price winning blog I asked her to answer. Aghast at my recurring ignorance, Miriam (and the sales clerk – we were buying fabric for an antique rocking chair we bought at the Jaffa flea market and are refurbishing. I digress) gave me a totally condescending look. “Bruce”, she said. “It says it's probably Hamas. Why would I answer it? They are bombing us and could be using a GPS technology to target locations. Or maybe encrypt phones with viruses. Why take the chance? Do we have nothing better to do?”

Hmmm. She has a point.


Woke up to another missile attack. 3AM and was having an amazing dream. I mean this girl was beautiful (fortunately my wife doesn’t read my blogs). Anyway we all made our customary mad dash to the safe room. According to home front instructions we have 90 seconds to reach cover. In Sderot they have 15 seconds. In the room, we had some debate. As much as you can coherently debate at 3 AM with missiles flying overhead. About the safest place to sit. Our concern fueled by the missile which penetrated a safe room in Sderot the other day. Talk of angles and trajectories made no sense at that hour. Actually they never really make sense to me….

BruceHere's a selfie in the safe room. My hair standing on end because I went to sleep with wet hair or because I was, well, scared?

Then midafternoon a barrage of missiles across central Israel. Now that’s scary. Ongoing sirens. Constant booms. Sometimes can feel the house shaking. Apparently in retaliation for our downing of a 13 story high rise in central gaza – a high priority target housing enemies of both Israel… and the people of Gaza.


I keep bemoaning the lost opportunity Gazans had in turning their prime beach-front real estate into a worldwide tourist spot. Instead Hamas is forcing the Gazans to suffer the sad reality of war, poverty, decay and despair. Another basic economic question of butter or guns.

Former Prime Minister Golda Meir said it best, “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us”.

Or as Sting crooned in 1985: “We share the same biology, regardless of ideology // Believe me when I say to you // I hope the Russians love their children too”


A few rockets were fired from Lebanon and Syria into Israel. No damage. Most fell into the sea. Or didn’t make it over the border. Like can these guys hit the broad side of a barn?

Should another front be opened? Pray not. Israel must level both countries' infrastructure. There would be no cries of asymmetrical warfare here.


Disclaimer to speling and, grammer errors. This was never my strong point (yet I stil write). Even my autocorrect has "speling" and "grammer" errors. So enjoy the blogs and get over it!


Israel calls this Operation ‘Guardians of the Wall’. Hamas calls it ‘Sword of Jerusalem’. I prefer the Hamas name. More militant with a better ring to it. Speaking of which, a reminder to myself. Don’t answer calls from Hamas

Regards from Israel,


Entry #3 - posted Friday, May 14 at 9:26 am CDT

Security Insecurity

My wife brought her mother to stay over a few nights. At least until some semblance of calm prevails. Yay!!

Maybe this is a creative Hamas tactic. Create enough security insecurity (great phraseology) that mothers-in-law stay overnight. This will weaken the home front by driving the Israeli husband batty.

Fortunately I can write these things cause my wife doesn’t read my blogs; “אין לי זמן לשטויות שלך!”


Was a quiet night. At least in Rehovot. No missile and mad dashes to our safe room. Anyway it’s difficult to get a full night sleep. I waking up just thinking I’ll get woken by a missile attack. And then I can’t fall asleep because I’m worried about thinking that I may think about being woken by a missile attack which will wake me up.


A bit more about Abu-Ubaida’s inane comment about drinking water (Blog - View From the Throne, May 13 2021). Hamas is diverting fuel earmarked for Gaza’s desalination plant -which provides water for Gazans- for rocket use instead. According to an IDF spokesperson, “Now 250,000 residents of Beit Lahiya do not have water because of Hamas’s priorities.” Sort of like that butter or guns trade off we learned in first year economics.


Just returned from Tel Aviv. Would never know a war-of-sorts was going on less than 90KM away. Spent a few hours on wonderful Shenkin Street where my cousin has a long term rental apartment. He and his husband just made Aliyah and had a ‘We’ve Arrived’ party. Great timing, eh? Missiles and riots and Red Alerts and Hamas and the such were certainly part of the small talk but it was a very relaxing few hours with no missiles flying overhead.

Here's a slightly unfocused picture of nearby Ben Tzion Blvd. Lots of people just hangin’ and enjoying Friday afternoon respite.


How ‘bout them Jets. Er I mean ‘how ‘bout that IDF’. A brilliant military deception led them to Hamas underground tunnels and weapons storehouses -called ‘The Metro’ – which was destroyed.

Briefly. The IDF International spokesperson led the foreign media to believe a ground invasion was taking place. Hamas fighters quickly entered The Metro where they lay in wait for our infantry. This enabled our intelligence to locate these tunnels and bunkers and storehouses. And our IAF to unleash a massive bombing campaign of 160 fighter planes attacking over a 40 minute period.

Which explains why earlier in the day my mom asked me about our ground invasion….


While writing this entry there were more than sixty missiles fired into Israel, hitting as far North as Ashkelon. Only 40KM from my home office. Hmmm. Talk about “security insecurity”.

Regards from Israel,


Here's Bruce's second entry - posted Thursday, May 13, at 6:51 am CDT:
View From the Throne

‘Dad, hurry up and finish in there.” My son told me at 5:50 PM. The ‘there’ was the washroom where I was sitting comfortably with my new book. The concern. Hamas threatened another missile salvo towards central Israel at 6PM. They held true to their word yesterday and were even quite punctual. Today less so as the barrage came an hour later.


I find it very difficult to watch the news or read the morning papers. Is this really happening in my little shtetel?

1,200 rockets pounded Israel since this ‘thing’ started on Monday. Damage takings its toll. Is the Iron Dome being overwhelmed? My daughter ,doing her service in that unit but not telling me much, says not.

A 6-yr old boy killed in Sderot through a direct missile hit on his apartment. St. Sgt Omer Tabib killed in the line of duty; a month before his discharge.



Went to the local medical center with my wife yesterday. She was suffering from a pain in her back (no it wasn’t me!). Just as we arrived Hamas honored their pledge -albeit an hour late- and the sirens went off. Incoming! About twenty people were ushered into the stairwell. And to my wife’s total shock my impulsive, patriotic experiment began. Hoping to create a flash mob, I started singing Hatikvah. Kinda’ seemed right. War atmosphere. Missiles flying overhead. Hunkering down in a stairwell. Well. Hate to crack anyone’s rose colored glasse. Including mine. But it didn’t go over too well. The flash mob was a flash person – me. An off tune baritone with a thick Canadian accent killing the words not so softly. Most people just ignored me. My wife; she sauntered over to the other side of the stairwell, head down in total embarrassment. Oh well.


Missiles be damned. I am confident Israel will overcome this. Will again be victorious. Even if short-lived until the next round.

What really worries me. And saddens me. Is this terrible rioting and violent confrontations between Israeli Jews and Arabs. In our mixed cities. In the center of the country for crying out loud. Lod. Acre. Bat Yam Ramle. This unleashing of hatred between neighbors. This viral animosity will take years to repair.

We would frequently drive to the Arab bakers in Ramle on Saturdays to buy fresh pita. To enjoy a hearty lunch of hummus and salads. Heck! I ain’t going back there too soon.


So Abu-Ubaida -a Hamas military leader- said “The decision to bomb Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Dimona, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Beersheba…is easier for us than drinking water.” Time for Israel to turn off the faucets or cut the electricity or something. Make it a bit harder for them to drink.


To be honest. Since my son’s friendly advise yesterday evening I am unable to get that laid back, comfortable feeling on the throne. Okay…. too much information.

Regards from Israel

BruceHere’s his first entry, received at 9:22 am, Wednesday, May 12. Keep checking here for Bruce’s blog.

Many dry tinders were lying around the fire. Jerusalem Day. Ramadan. Palestinian electioneering. All this led to some extreme tensions including missile and antimissile foreplay.

Yada Yada Yada. Hamas threatened that if Israel hits a Gazan high rise they will shoot at Israel’s center by 9PM.

Sure enough the IDF brought down a 13 story hi-rise in Gaza. One in which certain Hamas nerve centers we located. As usual embedded amongst the civilian population; poor Gazans!

At 9:01 PM the country came under attack. Really the worst I’ve ever seen. Over 300 missiles fired at the country’s heart within a ~30 minute span. The noise of missiles and sirens and shaking buildings was…. Well…. Unnerving.

We – Miriam, Dor and Roni. Okay Poncho too. Ran to our safe room. I turned back to the kitchen to shut off the toaster oven. Was warming up yesterday’s pizza and didn’t know how long we’d be would be. Seconds later I returned to the room. And hey, the door was closed. Like hello in there. Aren’t you missin’ someone. Hey. Open up!

For the rest of the evening we were in a type of shock. Watching the news casts. Israel under attack. Very frightening images indeed. Not knowing where this will lead but sure we were in for a sleepless nite.

Sure enough we were awoken with a Siren. 3AM. Incoming. We all ran to our safe room and huddled together for about 10 minutes waiting for the all clear sign. This time I was close behind my brood, wanting to avoid running into a steel door again.

There were several other missile attacks throughout the night. Unable to get back to sleep. Around 5AM and after maybe the 5th siren I started feeling somewhat disoriented. Instead of calling out my daughter’s name (i.e. “Roni, lets move it, into the safe room!”). I called out for Lisa, my sister. Who lives in Vancouver and would definitely not make it into the room in our allotted 45 seconds.

By the time we went back to sleep (if you can call it that) it was morning. And sure enough I could hear the birds chirping outside my bedroom window.

We all worked from home today. Except my brave wife who went into the office for most of the day. Another 100+ missiles fired at Israel – mainly the south. Although as far north as Ashkelon and Ashdod. With our IDF firing back.

Actually with red lines crossed -like missiles landing in Deizengoff Square- and our deterrence being shattered. Israel took the military initiative. We need a new reality. There’s no way we can accept this current Hamus madness or the threat of it repeating.

Not to mention the Arab riots going on in our mixed cities. That is really scary. I mean these are our neighbors. Need some good fences (aka Robert Frost).

Regards from Israel.