Steven RodinBy GERRY POSNER There are times when you can sense that somebody is destined to be in the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurial activity.

That statement would be particularly relevant in the case of Steven Rodin, a young man on the way up in the business world in Toronto. (In fact he is already rather elevated.)  But, his roots are very Winnipeg. The son of Elliot and Harriet (Bubis) Rodin, grandson to the now over 101-year-old Lillian Rodin, and husband to another Winnipegger - Leah Begleiter, the  father of two children has made his mark ever since he arrived in Toronto in 1996.

Steven began his schooling at Ramah Hebrew School, followed by Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate through Grade 9, and finally on to St. John’s Ravenscourt, from which he graduated. Just like many  other people whose origins were in Winnipeg, so too was Steven’s friendship circle  Winnipeg based and the close relationships formed in his youth have remained strong.

Steven was what you would call a big “macher “in the BBYO world during his adolescent years as he was president of Red River Region, and an executive on the AZA international body while in Grade 12. With that as a beginning, one could speculate that here was a kid who had a future.
After all, as far back as junior high, Rodin showed a business inclination when he formed a disc jockey partnership with Jerrod Henoch, as they took music, conversation and lighting effects to the youth of Winnipeg. Thus, if you had forecast a business career for young Rodin, you would have been correct.

Rodin was soon off to Western for an HBA (Honors Business Administration), following in his father’s footsteps in part as his father received his MBA from Harvard. Since graduating from Western, Rodin has worn four different hats; some were inspired by his own creativity. He started as a consultant for Accenture from the years 1993-1996. Then, he co-founded a corporation known as Davinci Technologies Inc., where he was president - all this before he reached the age of 30.
And what did young Rodin do for this corporation? He grew it to 50 employees with revenues of over $3 million.  The company was recognized as one of the fastest growing software companies in Canada. If that was not enough of a success, the sale of the corporation to a US-based public company, CSG Systems, was the real coup. In 2002, Rodin exited and soon became the executive director of Converse Technology. His duties were all encompassing there and, for three years, Rodin was one busy boy both working - completing his Chartered Financial Analyst designation (CFA), and fathering his first child.
In February 2006 Steven Rodin moved on to become the CEO of Storagepipe (an interesting name for a business), where he remains today.
Storagepipe is not a company that stores pipes, but instead provides off-site protection of data for rapid recovery. It preserves important documents and gives their customers off- site back up, cloud storage, disaster recovery and quick retrieval.
That’s quite a a mouthful but, based on the comments of previous clients like Adidas, City of Vaughan and Centrecorp, Storagepipe, with Rodin as its head honcho, is doing more than a valuable service.

Storagepipe’s success in the world of backup has shot its revenues right up. Rodin oversees the strategic direction and the online backup and data disaster recovery services. No small task. All this from the former president of Toppers AZA in BBYO.

Now, who could have connected those dots? Well perhaps it was inevitable. If you go back to 1958, when Rodin’s father Elliot was a youth, the seeds were planted for his son then. Why that date? Because it was in October 1958 when the then 15-year-old Elliot Rodin sold 512 donuts for his AZA chapter, Toppers, on a fund raising venture for the chapter. In doing so he set some sort of record. And... he did it by getting his brother Gary to do the actually selling.
One could say the word “hustle” was part of the Rodin genetic makeup and it has carried forward from generation to generation.
Steven Rodin is early into his 40s. Given his fast start, one could predict even bigger things for him. I for one would put my money on his cloud.