jason gordonBy MYRON LOVE
The two-storey structure at 49 Henderson Highway at the north end of the Disraeli Freeway may look nondescript but inside, the award-winning Studio 11 Entertainment Inc., is one of Winnipeg’s busiest recording studios.

“We do it all,” says Jason Gordon, the driving force behind Studio 11. “We record bands as well as solo artists. Our work encompasses rock, blues, country and jazz. And we have had a lot of young and talented hip hop artists coming through here.” Probably the most famous of Studio 11’s celebrity artists was Kanye West, who dropped in to hang out while in Winnipeg in 2007. “It was really exciting to watch Kanye sitting here writing lyrics on his laptop,” Gordon recalls. “It was really interesting listening to him talk about his life and his art.”
“Eric Burden and the Animals” were another top act that graced Studio 11 with a visit and, notes Gordon, among the better known artists whom he has worked with have been Winnipeg’s own Maria Aragon and leading Canadian band “Jet Set Satellite” (which is based in Winnipeg).
Gordon has seen a lot of change in the recording industry in the nearly 20 years that he has been associated with Studio 11. “There has been a lot of new equipment,” he observes. “But we still use some of our older stuff. The older stuff makes for a nicer sound.”
Music has been Jason Gordon’s life. The son of Zvi and Rhonda Gordon began his musical training on piano at the age of four. He also took up guitar at 11 and has performed for years – starting as a teenager – with different bands – including his own – across Canada.
He first came to Studio 11 at the age of 15 to record his music – and he never left. “I began working here as a volunteer and sound engineer and before long bought in as a part owner,” he recalls.
While he did sign up for a business program at the University of Winnipeg at 18, he didn’t stay long. “I felt confident about my future at Studio 11,” he says.
Studio 11 also offers piano and guitar lessons, he notes.
Gordon reports that most of his business is by referral or repeat customers. “Our website also draws a lot of traffic,” he says. “Our name is at or near the top of most search engines.”
He notes that what he can offer recording artists as a producer is his 20 years of experience in the business. “I can help walk the artists through the recording session,” he says. “I help with the arrangements and the pacing to produce the most polished finished products in the shortest amount of time”.
The best way to start, he adds, is for him to hear the performer or band at a show or rehearsal and take the sound he hears and work with the performers on the arrangement for recording.
“I also have the connections to get recordings on radio and on Spotify and other streaming services.”
He adds that CDs are still important as well. “For recording artists, the CDs are part of their show,” he says. “It doesn’t feel right without the CDs on sale in the lobby.”
Gordon notes that his rates are competitive and offers packages and payment plans.
“I want to help other young musicians get a break,” he says. “I also want to help Studio II grow.”
For Jason Gordon, Studio 11 is all-consuming. He works every day but Sundays and Saturday mornings when he sets aside time for his little girl, Lucy. When not with Lucy, he occasionally attends services at the Talmud Torah Beth Jacob Synagogue.
For more info on the company or to book a session, Gordon asks that you contact www.studio11audio.com or phone 204-663-0013.