Anya (Makow) Gordon
We received the following email from Anya (Makow) Gordon who, for many years, was executive director here of  first, the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University, then Canadian Associates of Ben Gurion University. Anya was seeking our help in finding a former Winnipegger:

Hi Bernie - Kol Hakoved - you are a persistent soul - providing the Winnipeg Jewish community with news.

This is Anya Makow - now Gordon.  For a number of years I was the Hebrew University and Ben Gurion University representative, and regularly advertised and wrote for the Jewish Post.  I left Winnipeg about 20 years ago, to move to Raleigh, North Carolina and marry Arthur Gordon.   We celebrated our 20th anniversary on July 11.
I’m writing with a request and a favor. Recently my husband Arthur and I met Dennis Quaintance, a very upbeat successful businessman in Greensboro, NC - just an hour from Raleigh.   When he heard I was from Winnipeg, he asked if I might know a Jewish Winnipegger that he traveled with in Europe as a young man in 1976.  Dennis has forgotten the  name of this fellow and hoped that I might know who he is and his name - so he could reconnect with him.   What follows is what he wrote me:       
Do I remember correctly that you are from Winnipeg?  If so, for 30 years I’ve been trying to remember the name of someone that I met from there around 1976.  I’d saved my money from working during high school and the months after and decided to go to Europe.  I got on a Laker Airways flight to London.  My seatmate was a wonderful fellow from Winnipeg.  We became friends and traveled together in the UK and Europe.  Given that the world tends to be small, I’m wondering if you might know this person.  This is what I remember about him:  He was going to attend Oxford the following year.  He cousin was already studying there as a Rhodes Scholar.  He was a great guy and he was amazingly kind.  He also had a cousin that lived in Paris.  So…I can’t resist telling you more…  We became fast friends on that crazy Laker flight.  He invited me to join him to spend a few days at Oxford with his cousin.  We slept on his cousin’s dorm room floor for a few days…I learned that, at least in that era, America had better toilet paper but that I preferred the room temperature beer with a lot of flavor in England.  Both he and his cousin were incredibly kind to me.  After that we decided to travel to the continent together.  The overnight crossing of the Channel was amazing.  My new friend and I made friends with some other Americans.  We spend most of the crossing up on the deck celebrating our first crossing.  Then we traveled together as far as Paris where we met another of his cousins who lived there.  My new friend was planning travel on to Vienna with me but decided to break off and go to Israel instead. We enjoyed some farewell revelry and figured that that was that.  Then, maybe two weeks later, I was back in Paris walking down a grand staircase at the Louvre holding my jacket over my shoulder while looking back at a sculpture.  As I turned forward I noticed that I was blocking the shot of someone taking a photograph of the sculpture.  I jumped to my left to get out of the way then noticed that it was my friend who was taking the photo.  I was so close that I swiped out with my jacket to hit him on the arm.  That is one of my favorite coincidence stories.  We ended up spending another day or two exploring Paris…along with his cousin.   
I know this is a stretch - and our friend knows it is a stretch... but hey - why not try?
Do you know of someone who went to Oxford in 1976 and had a cousin who was a Rhodes Scholar.   In 1976, these young people were probably in their early twenties, so they were likely born around the mid 1950s.  Someone who went to Oxford would likely have not been an undergraduate, but a graduate.   
If you don’t know - perhaps you could include a query in the Jewish Post or your social media.  We’d truly appreciate finding out this person’s name.   We would be indebted to you for ever!   Thank you so much for reading my note - and I hope you’ll come visit us here in NC sometime - not now - it’s steaming hot now!!
Anya (Makow) Gordon
If you think you may know the name of the person for whom Dennis Quaintance is looking, send your response to us and we’ll pass it along to Anya or - if you’re interested in getting in touch with Anya directly, her email address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.