At the joint Barish-Wolodarsky cribbage tournament: (l-r): Earl Barish’s grandson, Adam; Dave Chochinov, Howard Ryant (both in red Wolodarsky family shirts), and Earl's son, Andy Barish.

The year was 1992 and Brenda (Chochinov) Ryant was a new mother hanging out at the family cottage at Winnipeg Beach.

“I had a lot of time on my hands and was looking for something to do,” she recalls. “As a family, we played a lot of cards. My dad (Dave Chochinov) suggested we invite the relatives over and have a cribbage tournament.”

That first tournament has become a Wolodarsky family tradition. (Shirley Chochinov, Brenda Ryant’s mother, is a member of the Wolodarsky Family.)

Twenty-years later, the tradition lives on. On July 28, 24 players – in addition to several onlookers – spanning four generations, gathered as usual at the Chochinov cottage at the beach for the yearly tourney.
“We charge an $5 entry fee and split the money between the two top teams and the hired help who are the younger cousins,” Ryant says. “We have a trophy on which we add the names of the winning team members and we take a photo with the winner holding the trophy.”
She notes that the players play in pairs.
The winning team members were Neil Swirsky (who is married to the former Elaine Wolodarsky) and Ryant’s son, Bradley (who was her baby 27 years ago).
“Bradley just got married four days before our tournament,” says his proud mother. “He put off his honeymoon until after the tournament.”