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Liad Batia Libatter


Here we are again, before Chanukah and latkes and the holiday festivities that are starting on December 2nd.


Then we’ll have all of the New Year’s resolutions that last for about three weeks or so. So it was when I enjoyed a class with Liad Batia Libatter that I thought: “Hey, I should write about this motivation-inspiring woman and maybe participants won’t drop off after their New Year’s resolutions fizzle.”
Liad is a group fitness instructor whose workout is a bit different from the usual Zumba class. I found her Brazilian dance flair to be contagious so after her class I approached her querying whether I could feature her in a story about her classes at the Rady JCC. I also told her that I had a hot guy for her to meet - my son (not the gay one). Of course, she then told me that she is um… married. So when did that ever stop someone? Okay, so back to Liad.
She immigrated from Israel just this year. Liad reports that she found the immigration process to be quite a fearful process and that she finally accomplished this, arriving in Canada in March. She stated that she wasn’t going to let fear manage her life. Rather - that she would manage her fears.

After serving two years in the Israeli army  (from 2009-11) Liad decided to begin an exercise regime in order to lose some weight. She participated in group activities for two years and then decided to take the Zumba instructors’ course and the Group Fitness instructors’ course. Liad says she “started  as a participant and I really liked it so after three years as a participant I took the instructor course.”
Her main reason for going this route, she states, is that she wanted to help people  lose weight, have fun and  forget their problems and issues while focusing on their fitness. I found her to be warm and very motivating.
Liad got members of our  group to get out of their comfort zone and to dance like no one is looking - something that I do while cooking in my kitchen. I think you’d have me committed, Bernie, if you walked in on me. (Ed note: I’ve thought of that for a long time now.) Liad knows how to shake her booty. I still don’t know how she does some of those moves and I’m working on it.
She told me that she’s so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this community and to help people move and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re new to exercise and fitness, I highly recommend a class like hers. It’s when you forget yourself and enjoy an activity that you will really get your heart rate up and begin seeing a lifestyle change and results. So for a great hour of fun, check out this class.

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#1 good jobMegan 2019-01-10 18:44
Great Post!