Jessica Rosenbaum

Not long ago, Jessica Rosenbaum was a pretty good hockey player at the University of Manitoba. She grew up in Garden City and went off to the University of Prince Edward Island before returning to Manitoba to play her final two seasons of university hockey with the Bisons.




But when she graduated from the U of M and was ready for the next step in life’s journey, she decided she would do everything she could to stay in the game.
After all, when you’re a young university graduate heading out into a long life in the working world, it’s pretty important to do something you like doing.

“Originally when I was in school, I was starting to study marketing and I got quite involved in it and thought, ‘What can I do that I’m passionate about that I want to promote?” she explained. “Well, for me, that was hockey.
“Initially I was thinking the Jets, and luckily, I got a job with the Moose. So, I was working in sales with the Moose and getting involved at that level. And that led me to where I am now. But it was a conscious decision to stay in the game. It’s a profession I knew really well and it was something I liked doing.”

Today, Mrs. Jessica Horton (yes, her husband’s name is Tim), is the Event and Marketing Coordinator for the BellMTS Iceplex. Marketing major events – and minor ones – at the busiest hockey venue in Manitoba can be a daunting task, but Horton handles it with the same confidence and aplomb that she handled the front of the net as a goal-scoring forward with the Bisons.

She certainly loves what she does.
“I graduated in 2015 so this my fourth year in the job,” she explained. “I think it’s been a good choice for me. I like what I’m doing so that’s great. When you come to work, when you come to the rink, and you like what you’re doing, that’s pretty great.”
It is interesting, however, that she offered to make the move from the sales department of a professional hockey team in order to take over the marketing duties for a building that houses four hockey rinks and is busy for 14 hours a day.
Some might think it was a step back to go from the Moose to the Moose’s practice rink, but for Jessica, it was a wonderful opportunity.
“That was a decision to get more on the marketing side,” she said candidly. “When I came out here I was the event coordinator as well as the marketing coordinator. I was in sales with the Moose and this move gave me a better opportunity to get involved in the marketing side and learn more.”

Like so many female hockey players, Rosenbaum started her career by playing ringette. Then, in Grade 8, she made the switch.
“Yes, I started playing Ringette and played until I was in Grade 8, at age 12 or 13,” she said. “In my first year trying hockey, I played both hockey and Ringette. In that one year, playing both sports, I came to understand how restrictive the rules were in Ringette and I just loved hockey so much more. I also had more success with hockey.
“I tried out that year for the AA Seven Oaks Raiders and made it in my first year of Bantam. Then, we created the Titans, a team that is still around today. I played Titans through Midget and that set me up to play at the University of Prince Edward Island.”

She played at UPEI for two years and then came home, red-shirted for a year and then played for U of M.
“It was different at home. The hockey was more serious than it was at UPEI, but it was also different in the sense that I moved back home, moved in with my parents and changed schools. And the school was quite different. I knew a lot of the girls on the U of M team and that made it really fun, but it was a lot more serious than I’d experienced at UPEI.”

Not surprisingly, Horton is still in the game in more ways than one. While marketing a major hockey facility is her job, she also laces on the skates and still plays on a couple of local amateur teams.
“I’m still in the game and I’m still playing the game,” she said with a smile. “I play for Prairie Fire in the women’s senior league and I’m also the team manager for our team in the Winnipeg Women’s Hockey League. We play once or twice a week, usually and it’s a lot of fun and keeps me competitive.
“But I also play for my husband’s team in the adult league at Canlan,” she added with a laugh. “When you’re married to Tim Horton, you’re going to play hockey together. So, I’m still here and I’m still involved in hockey in a lot of different ways.”
And if you knew Jessica Rosenbaum back in the days when she suited up for the Bisons, you’d understand that she wouldn’t have it any other way.