Prof. Jeremy Cooperstock - still no apology received from anyone in Israel for his having being deported in June

Ed. note: A little over a month ago we published a story about how a Canadian academic who was spending his sabbatical year in Israel was unceremoniously deported from Israel after he returned from a conference he had attended in Germany at the beginning of June. You can read that story at




Now, Prof. Jeremy Coopertock, who also happens to be my nephew, has published a blog submission that can be read on The Times of Israel website at

If you happened to read our story elsewhere on this website about how the Board of Jewish Education absolutely refuses to back down from its lawsuit against the parents of students who had formerly attended Gray Academy (you can read the story at, you might note the similarity in the approach taken by two different bureaucracies: "Don't back down! and never, ever offer an explanation for your actions! (I might add, as well: Never talk to the media!)

Unfortunately, the blowback from these two stories is bound to cause increasing damage so long as both the Israeli government bureaucracy and our own local Jewish bureaucracy (in this case, the Board of Jewish Education), hang tough and attempt to weather whatever storm may have ensued. We'll see how effective that approach is as time goes on.