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Dina Raihman helping one of her students


Since educator Dina Raihman moved with her family from Israel to Winnipeg in 2008, she has had an incredible impact on many Winnipeggers.




Raihman has 34 years experience as an educator - including five years of teacher training, 17 years of teaching in Israel - primarily math and science, and 12 years as an educator here in Winnipeg. Coming to Canada, she encountered many barriers in her quest to continue her teaching career. As she adjusted to her new life here, Raihman found it increasingly difficult to find work in Canadian schools, as she was deemed “overqualified” for entry level positions.
Searching far and wide from northern Manitoba to Saskatchewan, Raihman realized that leaving her family behind in Winnipeg was not something she could bear doing.
Keeping busy by taking on substitute teaching roles to pay the bills, Raihman learned that there was a significant gap between the level of math and sciences she taught in Israel and the level taught in Winnipeg.

With that in mind, Raihman decided to develop a solution, opening a private after-school math program.
Once she was thoroughly acquainted with the Manitoba math curriculum, as it was taught in both private and public schools, Raihman began identifying key components she could then include in what she was teaching in her after-hours classroom.
What Raihman found. moreover, was a steady stream of students who were gifted in math, but who were not being sufficiently challenged.
“In 2014, I opened my private evening school,” said Raihman. “I had my own program. I started with 17 kids and, as of September this year, the program has grown to over 250 students.”
Not a day goes by, added Raihman, without calls from parents asking her about her school, and wanting to register their children in her classes.
As her school has grown ever larger, Raihman has recognized the need to add space to accommodate the ever-growing demand. She has now expanded to the point where she is offering classes in River Heights, St. Vital, and two locations in Transcona.

“Many people who have immigrated from the Ukraine and Russia live in Transcona and want to have their kids in these classes,” explained Raihman.
Often fluent in Russian, Hebrew, and English, many of Raihman’s students at her Mathematics and Physics Integral School come from Winnipeg’s newcomer Jewish community, including many Russian Israelis, with a smaller portion having come from Russia, Ukraine, and some other countries.
Raihman notes that her school accepts all interested students, regardless of background or language.
The curriculum is based on the “Mofet” model, a highly successful learning model in Israel ( Classes are of mixed ages, with students as young as Grade 1 learning with students who are in Grades 3 and 4, and Grades 5, and Grade 6 students learning with students in Grades 7, 8, and 9 - all the way to Grade 12.
The focus is on math, geometry, and physics. When students first register in the school, they are initially assessed as to their skill levels in math.
Another unique aspect of Raihman’s approach to teaching is that she also teaches students’ parents her methods and terminology, as she believes that using the same terminology and methods at home when working on homework creates consistency and increases retention.
“When we begin a new unit, I want parents to go through it with their children the same way we do in class,” said Raihman. “I want them to interact and be a part of it as well.”

Each class begins with a quiz on the homework that was assigned to get a precise picture how well students are doing with a particular unit. Students who score 85 percent or less on the quiz continue with the same unit and practice more to eventually master it. Students who score above 85 percent move on to the next unit.
“Our program follows the Manitoba curriculum, so we are on par with what the kids learn in their regular school,” said Raihman. “But, we make it more challenging - and more interesting for the kids. We teach in different ways – not like the way it is in regular schools – and it works very well. All our kids have very good results in their day schools. All of our Grade 12 kids actually grade very high marks: over 90-95 percent.”
Classes run in the evenings from the late afternoon until 8 pm for the older kids, with the younger kids coming to class on Saturdays. Raihman has found that learning is most successful with her younger students on the weekend, rather than later in the evening on weekdays.
Raihman is also a strong believer that, to achieve intellectual and financial success, finding the right school and educator are of vital importance.
Mathematics and Physics Integral School currently has a wide variety of educators trained in a multitude of disciplines – including French, English, math, physics, and chemistry, and more.
Raihman adds that she also has a program offering tutoring in your home called “Tutoring at Home”.

Eventually Raihman hopes that she will be able to open a full-time private school that will be on par with the best private academies in Canada.
If you would like to learn more about the program or to register your child at Mathematics and Physics Integral School, contact Dina Raihman at (204)-230-9519
Visit the school website at

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