Brian Pauls with Supreme Court Justice Sheilah Martin


I often have the pleasure of seeing Brian Pauls at meetings of the Remis Speakers’ Forum. Recently Brian told me a terrific story how he had wanted to obtain press credentials to attend the recent convening of the Supreme Court here, but was unable to convince the Free Press, for whom he writes a regular Bridge column, to give him those credentials.
It turns out that Brian is on kissing terms with two of the female judges on the Supreme Court: Sheilah Martin and Rosie Abella. Lucky guy!





Here’s Brian’s account of how he came to be on such intimate terms with two Supreme Court Justices:
“I was several decades beyond Law School before the first female Supreme Court judge was appointed, and it was only a few years ago that I finally met one - Rosie Abella, at a Bar Mitzvah in Toronto. Not lacking in chutzpah, I confessed that I never, until then, had kissed a judge of the Supreme Court. And I kissed her, with her consent, of course.
“Flash forward to last week, as Sheilah Martin, the newest female judge of the court, (widowed a couple of years ago by the death of my good pal, Hersh Wolch) and I met to share a glass of wine in the bar at Hotel Fort Garry, I greeted her with a kiss, and confessed that – she was not the first Supreme Court Judge that I had kissed. Naturally, some pointed questions followed, whereby she pried out of me the identity of her predecessor.

“ the big dinner event winding up the visit of the entire Court to Winnipeg a few days later, I was buttering a roll when Rosie Abella came by our table to say hi. As she spotted me, she turned her cheek to allow me to give her a peck and said: “Now I’m the first and the most recent Supreme court judge that you kissed.” I suspect – could it be – that the girls compared notes?”

We won’t ask what Jeannie (Brian's wife) thinks of all this.