Micah Erenberg

Fresh off his most recent European tour, Winnipeg-born singer/songwriter/musician Micah Erenberg is scheduled to introduce his new album, “Love is Gonna Find You”, to local audiences at the West End Cultural Centre on Thursday, November 14.




Erenberg originally released the album on October 4th, but, he notes, he has been on tour for the past few weeks and this is the earliest that he is able to perform the new songs for his many Winnipeg fans.
The 26-year-old son of Noah Erenberg and Cheryl Cohan is marking his tenth year as a professional musician. The young Erenberg grew up in Matlock where he was home-schooled. When he came to Winnipeg to attend high school at the University of Winnipeg, he fell in with a group of musicians who formed the “Old Man Furthermore” band.
“We worked well together,” he recalled in an earlier JP&N interview. “That the other members of the band were planning no becoming professional musicians gave me theconfidence to believe that I could do it, too.”
During that earlier interview Erenberg noted that he had no illusions about instant fame and fortune. “I just want to play my music and help fellow local musicians develop their own skills and careers,” he said.

Over the years, Erenberg has performed rock, folk and country as a member of different bands. He says that his musical influences have included Neil Young, Elliott Smith, and Jeff Tweedy. He has also found inspiration in vintage pop records.
“It’s all been a lot of fun,” he says . “I have done small shows and big shows, Canadian tours, European tours. Everything is a genuinely great experience.
“It was really cool playing the Winnipeg Folk Festival in 2018 and signing a record deal with Sleepless Records for the release of the new album.”
(He released his first album, “Poor Mic’s Toe”, in 2015.)
This most recent European tour is Erenberg’s third round of performances in Europe. “A few years ago,” he says, “I started to meet some bookers, labels and promoters in Europe, and then I started working with my manager who lives in London, so it made a lot of sense to start touring there.
“It’s easier for me to tour Europe than it is to go to America because American visas are so expensive. I wanted to perform outside of Canada and Europe was more viable than the US.”

A WECC press release about the upcoming concert describes Erenberg as “an insatiably prolific songwriter”. The process sees him sifting through numerous demos for his newest album as well as writing even more during the actual recording.
“Those tracks were whittled down to an album that will quickly become an essential part of your listening,” says the WECC press release. The press release adds that, lyrically, “Love is Gonna Find You” “paints a scrambling collage of navigating the loss of love while also providing a rolling, self-effacing pep talk. It’s a kaleidoscope of memories and is ultimately positive and downright life-affirming.”
Erenberg says that in his own song-writing, he tries to tell stories from every-day life. “I focus on shared experiences, ones that can make someone feel brighter, understood, less alone.”
The singer/songwriter records his music in his own home studio where he can independently make his records (“with a lot of help from my band mates,” he adds). “To record my own music was always my main objective,” he says. “Now that I have the ability to do that, I can turn my attention to getting our recordings out into the world.
“I’ve been able to make more and more music and tour more and more,” Erenberg observes. “I’m really thankful for the opportunities that I’ve had and for the fact that I have been given more and more opportunities to make music every year.”

Last spring, Erenberg was nominated for a 2019 Western Canadian Music Award for Roots Solo Artist Of The Year. “It was pretty nice being nominated,” he says. “I definitely didn’t expect it but it was a nice surprise for sure.”
As to the future, he says that he is looking forward to recording and releasing more records and touring the world for as long as he can. “I have no plans on slowing down any time soon,” he says.