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Many people in the Winnipeg Jewish community and the Winnipeg community as a whole suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I know I do. Yet, it’s not something we feel comfortable discussing. We feel like it’s some kind of personal failure when we struggle with depression. If anyone asks, most of us will point out the many great things going on our lives, and we will deny that we are depressed, thinking what right do we have to be depressed? The problem is depression is not something we can control, and no one would feel guilty about having a physical health problem the way we do about a mental health one.



Part of that has to do with the stigma surrounding depression. Therefore, I have teamed up to with Inspire Community Outreach to produce a comedy show on December 8.
Inspire Community Outreach is a charity that helps families that struggle with mental health issues, as well as those that are neurodiverse, such as mine. Their founder, Angela Taylor, in fact was just recognized in October as a “Manitoba Hero” for her work . We hope to lessen some of the stigma surrounding depression through stand-up comedy. Lisa Van Der Hooven at Inspire had this to say about why she wanted to do the fundraiser: “For me, I think it is a great way to raise funds in an original way, and I like that some of the comics are personally affected or connected to the world of mental health concerns.”
The all-star line-up that I have assembled includes many individuals who have personal connections to mental health issues, including well-known mental health advocate and stand-up comedian Big Daddy Tazz, Rap Duo Going Greene (Kane and Quinn Greene, who make up this rap duo were on the CBC in 2017, in a documentary about their family called “Being Greene”) ,Julian Rowan, Danielle Kayahara, as well as myself.
When asked about why she wanted to do the show, Danielle Kayahara, who last April opened up for Shaun Majumder at the Red Carpet Gala said,“uh because you asked me…Mental health is a cause that’s near and dear to my heart (and mind) and as such, I am always grateful to have the opportunity to help support such a worthy cause.”

Tickets are $20 dollars in advance and can be purchased on or at the door for $25 dollars. The show on December 8th is for all ages, and starts at 7 pm.

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