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‘We’re not scared’: Some haredi Orthodox Jews in Israel are ignoring coronavirus social distancing rules

Haredi Jews defy order not to congregate


March 18, 2020 BEIT SHEMESH, Israel (JTA) — “Do you want trouble?” the Hasidic man asked, leaning toward me intimidatingly.
“Are you threatening me?” I asked, turning to look at the lean man in a flat black hat and long caftan.
“No. But if you stay here, everyone will come and there will be a mess,” he replied, gesturing across the street.

B'nai Brith Canada Launches Lawsuit Against Federal Government

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shakes hands in a recent meeting with Iran's Foreign Affairs Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif (Global)

OTTAWA – B'nai Brith Canada has filed a lawsuit against the federal government, citing its failure to comply with a motion to list Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), in its entirety, as a terrorist organization.

The action, specifically launched against both the government and the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, comes about five weeks after B'nai Brith, the Council of Iranian Canadians and the Justice 88 Campaign publicly urged the implementation of a motion passed by the House of Commons in June of 2018.

Sheba Medical Center Will Host & Quarantine Returning Diamond Princess’ Israeli Citizens

Sheba Medical Centre's telemedicine app


Posted Feb. 18, 2020. Special to the JP&N. Note: The following story is an update to a story which was posted Feb. 17 and which can be read following this story:

Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer will host those Israeli citizens who had been confined to the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan during the past few weeks, and who’ve not exhibited coronavirus symptoms. The ill-fated vacationers will be flown back to Israel on a special flight, hopefully arriving by the end of this week, and sent to Sheba Medical Center, where they will be fully examined and treated by a specially trained medical staff.

Adventures in Jerusalem

n the large foyer of Canada House is a little snack shop called Yad LaKashish. The pastries and sweets are surprisingly low priced. The treat for me was to learn that this woman, Simmy Cohen, with a name very similar to mine, and her son, have been residents in the area all their lives and…..get this…..the family had owned a butcher shop/grocery store for several generations, which had been housed in the building next door, the very place where the Yad LaKashish shop is now. I think we’ve come full circle.

When I call this piece ‘Adventures’, you have to realize who I am. I’m an elderly Jewish woman. Even before this happened to me though, I was not into bungee jumping, mountain climbing, deep sea diving (not even light scuba diving), canoe trips, stock car racing, or anything like that. Buying myself an apartment in Jerusalem is as adventurous as I’ve ever been. That’s a long story, and it’s not one that I’m going to tell today. But, I was gradually beginning to travel here more than once in twelve months, and I wanted to stop feeling like the meter is running and you have to keep doing something because otherwise money is going down the drain.

Visiting Israeli students reflect Israel’s diversity in cross-Canada tour

l-r Rawan Agbaria, Yonatan Eyov, Omri Zada and StandWithUs Canada Campus Director Rebecca Katzman

There are undoubtedly many people who ascribe to the stereotype that all Israeli Jews are Caucasian and of European background. One of the purposes of StandWithUs Canada’s recent campus WordSwap tour is to show the real, varied face of Israel. To that end, three Israeli students from the Interdisciplinary Centre at Herzlia – Rawan Agbaria, Yonatan Eyov, and Omri Zada – put in appearances in Winnipeg at both the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg on Monday, November 25, seeking to engage local students in informal conversation about Israel and clear up some of the stereotypes and misrepresentations.