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Former head of Mossad criticizes Israel’s “occupation” of Palestinian territories

Former Mossad head Shabtai Shavit

Shabtai Shavit is a former director general of the Mossad, Israel’s foreign intelligence agency, having served in that position from 1989-1996.
During his time as Mossad head, Shavit was involved in many secret negotiations with Arab leaders. On May 29 he was the special guest speaker at an event sponsored by Solly & Orly Dreman on behalf of an Israeli organization known as Ezer Mizion.

How did a nice Zionist academic (my nephew) have trouble with his Israel visa—and end up getting deported from Israel?

Prof. Jeremy Cooperstock


(Posted June 8, updated June 11 & 17) My nephew, Jeremy Cooperstock, is a professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at McGill University in Montreal, spending his academic sabbatical year in Jerusalem.

Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Registry celebrates saving 3100 lives!

Breast cancer survivor Shulamit with IDF member Barak, who was found to be a match for Shulamit through the Ezer Mizion Bone Marrow Registry
Special to The Jewish Post & News

Ezer Mizion is Israel’s largest medical support organization. The crown jewel of the organization is the Ezer Mizion Bone Marrow Registry, the largest Jewish registry in the world with over 950,000 potential bone marrow donors. The size of the registry allows the organization to facilitate over 30 life saving bone marrow transplants every month of the year in Israel, the USA and around the world. In the month of March  alone there were 38 lifesaving transplants!