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Remis Speakers' Forum hears from representatives of the Jerusalem Foundation

Shai Doron, President, & Nomi Yeshua, Chief Development Officer - of the Jerusalem Foundation

Not often does the Remis Speakers’ Forum have two speakers at once. Further, we almost never have speakers honour us by planning their trips to accommodate our schedule.
But that’s what Shai Doron and Nomi Yeshua did, and we are the richer for it in our appreciation of Jerusalem. These two people are the President and the Chief Development Officer, respectively, of The Jerusalem Foundation, and their outstanding presentation was truly inspirational - at the Speakers’ Forum on July 29.

Federal Court ruling about West Bank wines could have far-reaching ramifications well beyond wines

Products which are currently labeled "Product of Israel", but which also might have to be labeled differently if they are to be exported to Canada


The ruling by a Federal Court of Canada judge that wines produced on the West Bank of Israel cannot be labeled “Product of Israel” could have much greater ramifications for a wide range of products beyond wines that are currently exported to Canada under the “Product of Israel” label.

Jim Carr, Canada’s Minister for International Trade Diversification, describes benefits of newly enhanced Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement

Jim Carr in conversation with Jewish Federation President Laurel Malkin discussing the benefits of the enhanced Canada Israel Free Trade Agreement

Speaking in front of an audience of businesspeople from the Winnipeg community at large and members of the Jewish community at the Asper Campus on Monday, June 24, Canada’s Minister of International Trade Diversification, Jim Carr, described the many benefits that will ensue as a result of the newly modernized Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement.

Former head of Mossad criticizes Israel’s “occupation” of Palestinian territories

Former Mossad head Shabtai Shavit

Shabtai Shavit is a former director general of the Mossad, Israel’s foreign intelligence agency, having served in that position from 1989-1996.
During his time as Mossad head, Shavit was involved in many secret negotiations with Arab leaders. On May 29 he was the special guest speaker at an event sponsored by Solly & Orly Dreman on behalf of an Israeli organization known as Ezer Mizion.

How did a nice Zionist academic (my nephew) have trouble with his Israel visa—and end up getting deported from Israel?

Prof. Jeremy Cooperstock


(Posted June 8, updated June 11 & 17) My nephew, Jeremy Cooperstock, is a professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at McGill University in Montreal, spending his academic sabbatical year in Jerusalem.