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How Israeli intelligence agencies have been neutralizing financial sources of terrorism

Harpoon copyReviewed by BERNIE BELLAN
Elsewhere on this website I referred to a book that I had just finished reading, and which I said that I would review.  Although it has a much longer title than simply Harpoon (Harpoon Inside the Covert War Against Terrorism’s Money Masters) I will refer to it in this review as Harpoon.

Next meeting of Rady JCC book club: The story of the Egyptian spy who turned out to be Israel’s greatest agent

Ashraf Marwan2The Angel - The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel
I hadn’t heard of Ashraf Marwan before I read this book. If you haven’t heard of him either, there’s good reason for that: He was undoubtedly the most important spy Israel has ever had, but for years neither Israeli authorities – who were aware of his identity, nor Egyptian authorities, who were also undoubtedly aware of what Marwan had done, wanted to reveal anything about him.

Israeli security virtually air tight, says Israel national police spokesperson

Micky RosenfeldBy MYRON LOVE Despite living under constant threat of terrorist attack, Israel remains one of the safest countries in the world in which to live or visit. It is precisely because of that constant threat that hangs over the country that Israel has developed a security blanket that is at the same time, unobtrusive, yet virtually impregnable, and light years ahead of any other democratic country in the world.