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Six years ago, when The Jewish Post & News was forced to move from what was then our Inkster Park location, I had scouted various possible alternative locations for our office.
One of the locations that I was considering back then was the Herzlia building on Brock and Fleet.

You may think it somewhat strange that a newspaper might be located within a synagogue but, at the time, I was aware that the building contained some empty classrooms that might be perfect for our needs.
As it was, the members of the Herzlia were not sure in which direction they would be heading. Readers may recall that there were a series of different proposals that were considered by the members of the Herzlia at one time or another, including the complete demolition of the building and its replacement with a smaller one.
Then, as luck would have it, and we were approached by our landlord in our St. James location (on Silver and Berry) with a request to sign a new long-term lease, I demurred. Naturally, since I, myself, had been writing about the Herzlia’s scaled-down renovation plans (which are almost totally complete), I approached representatives of the Herzlia with an offer to rent space in the building.
This time the offer was accepted and, as a result, as of June 1, we will be moving into the Herzlia.
We will be using space that had previously been used as a classroom by the Ohr HaTorah day school. You may wonder whether a classroom would provide sufficient space for a newspaper.
The fact is that, as our production process has become increasingly digitized, we need less and less space for our operations. When we were in our Inkster Park location, a good portion of our office space was devoted to pasting up the paper on what were called “flats” – large pieces of heavy paper that were then “shot” by a camera to produce negatives, which were, in turn, turned into printers’ plates.
Now – none of that is necessary. On top of that, over the years, we accumulated thousands of photographs. (My late brother, Matt, who was the editor of the paper from 1982-2008, was a bit of a pack rat. He would never throw out a photograph.)
Since we have been digitizing photos for more than 10 years, keeping those many filing cabinets full of photos has also been rendered redundant.
As a result, we are turning over our vast photo collection to the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada. Included in that collection are what are known as Photo Mechanical Transfers (PMT’s) of hundreds of individuals going back to the 1950s.
The end result is that, after what seems like a relatively short period of years, we are on the move again, but quite looking forward to moving into the Herzlia.
Readers should be aware that our phone and fax numbers, as well as our e-mail address, will remain the same.
Our new address, however, will be: 620 Brock, R3N 0Z4. In time, entrance to The Jewish Post & News will be through the back of the Herzlia (south side). Until then, visitors are asked to buzz up through the Herzlia office itself. Our office will be upstairs, the last door on the right.
We look forward to this move and are more than glad that the members of the Herzlia have now welcomed us into their building.

Earl Hershfield, President of the Herzlia-Adas Yeshurun congregation added these thoughts to our imminent move:
“As President of Herzlia Adas Yeshurun and on behalf of the membership, I welcome the JP&N to our building. Although it is strictly a lessee, lessor relationship this kind of relationship is important to the Jewish continuity in Winnipeg. The JP&N is a very good and important ethnic newspaper and should be supported. Mazel Tov.”

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