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After more than a year of pondering what’s next for the Gwen Secter Creative Living Centre once that centre’s current lease expires in May, 2016, a solution appears to be at hand – and one which will allow the centre to remain at its present location at 1588 Main Street.

Sources tell The Jewish Post & News that the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority has stepped forward with an offer to assume responsibility for paying the lease for Gwen Secter for another five years once the current lease expires.
Readers may recall that the owner of the building, the National Council of Jewish Women, had indicated that it was going to be selling the building once the current lease expires. For the past three years the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg had been loaning the NCJW $30,000 a year, which was the amount that Gwen Secter was being charged for rent.
Under the terms of that arrangement, if the building were to be sold following the expiration of the lease next year, the NCJW would have to repay the Federation any amount that the Federation had given to the NCJW to that date. By the end of next May that amount will have come to $120,000.
According to sources the NCJW has indicated that it is prepared to allow the Gwen Secter Centre to remain at its current location if the obligation to repay that $120,000 is forgiven.
As of the time of publication there was still no word from the Federation as to whether the NCJW would be absolved of responsibility to repay that $120,000. A meeting of the Federation board was scheduled to take place June 9, at which time the matter of forgiving the debt was to be discussed.

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