On Friday, June 26, at 4:34 pm, we received a notification from the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg. Normally, governments and private corporations that want an announcement to be paid as little attention as possible because they're embarrassed about its contents wait until the last possible moment Friday afternoon to release that announcement. That way they miss the usual news cycle.


But why did the Federation do that with this announcement? Could it be that some people on the Federation board are terribly embarrassed over how they handled Adam Bronstone's dismissal on Thursday, June 11? Oh right - Adam "resigned". How could we forget?

Anyway, here's the Federation announcement: (Good luck, Elaine - and for what it's worth, it's about time we had a woman CEO at the Jewish Federation. Let's hope that the position becomes permanent.)

The Jewish Federation of Winnipeg is pleased to announce the appointment of Elaine Goldstine to the position of interim CEO of the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg, effective immediately.
Elaine brings to the position over 22 years of experience having worked in various capacities within the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg, most recently as Director of Financial Resource Development.
We are confident in Elaine’s demonstrated leadership skills and look forward to working with her as we continue our goal of building and sustaining a strong, vibrant, and cohesive Winnipeg Jewish community.
We expect a search for a permanent CEO will commence this summer. Further details will be provided as they become available.
David Kroft,

President Jewish Federation of Winnipeg

By the way Elaine, now that you're C.E.O., how about looking into that stolen Federation database that Rhonda Spivak has had in her possession for the past six years?