By MYRON LOVE Noah and Lexi Palansky’s mother, Naomi, was originally diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in April, 2008. Sadly, she passed away in November, 2010, at the age of 46, leaving to mourn her husband, Bruce, as well as her two children.

(Naomi’s sister, Michelle Moyer, was claimed by cancer just a few months later.)
“The feeling when we heard the diagnosis is indescribable,” said Noah (who was 11 at the time), in an earlier interview. “It is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.
“I wanted to do something to make a difference.”
What Noah did – first – and his younger sister, Lexi, was to begin doing a couple of years later – was to sign up for the 2nd annual Challenge for Life 20 km Walk in June, 2008. He solicited $14,000 worth of support that first time.
This year, Noah (who is entering his second year at the Asper School of Business) and Lexi (who is going into Grade 10) and their supporters are back for the eighth time (sixth time for Lexi) more determined than ever - to reach their ultimate goal to raise $1 million for cancer research.
Toward that goal, the Palanskys’ 11-member Kids Count team (also consisting of Adam and Amy Baron, Adam Yusim, Uma Jacoby, Daniel Jacobs, Matteo Sartor, Harry Cohen, Cyle McNab and Emma Boroditsky) raised another $44,172 at the most recent Challenge for Life 20K walk on Saturday, June 13. That was tops among participating teams again – pushing the Palanskys’ and friends’ fundraising efforts to over $700,000. Noah’s $15,535 individual fundraising total placed him fourth overall.
The second most successful team was the Serratus Superstars which raised $33,000. The team consists of a group of friends who have been doing the Cancercare Challenge for Life Walk since its inception in 2008.
The team members participating this year included: Cathy Moser, Sharon Goszer-Tritt, Harriet Zimmer, Leanne Zimmer, Susan Billinkoff, Pam Vine, Audrey Book, Esther Penner, Vivienne Rowan, Gayle Marcus and Steve Moscovitch.
Team Schvesters’ $21,341 was the fourth highest total. The team consisted of siblings Adam and Dana Nepon and Mara Nepon Pelletierri’ Jack, Lesly and Shaun Katz; Shannon Curtaz, Dana Harvey, Jody Van de Vijsel, Rocky Pollack, Kate McMillan, Larry Saifer, Kelly Carpick and Mary Goska. The Nepon siblings lost their brother, Jonah, to cancer two years ago. He was 29.
Rocky Pollack lost his wife, Sharon, to cancer three years ago.