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There was quite a bit happening in our community these past two weeks.In addition to the bloodletting at the top of the Jewish Federation there were honours bestowed upon two long-serving heads of Jewish organization - Gayle Waxman, Executive Director of the Rady JCC, and Bob Freedman, former CEO of the Jewish Federation.

On Monday, June 15, Waxman was honoured for ten years of service as Rady JCC executive director. In citing Gayle’s years of service, a series of speakers, including Elliot Garfinkel, Phyllis Laveman, Eric Sawyer, and Murray Gilfix, made note of the greatly enhanced programming overseen by Gayle Waxman.
Elliot Garfinkel specifically referred to Gayle’s mastery of detail, saying that whenever he’s attended a meeting at which a particular item has been discussed, be it new equipment for the fitness centre or a new cultural program, Gayle has always been able to speak with great authority about even the most minute aspect of whatever is being discussed.
Phyllis Laveman paid tribute to Gayle’s compassion, as did others, who referred to the warmth with which she treats everyone.

At the JNF Gala on Wednesday, June 17, Bob Freedman was honoured for his 28 years of service as Jewish Federation CEO. One of the highlights of the evening was watching Bob play the part of a very good sport as improv artists Colin Mochrie & Brad Sherwood dragged him on stage. "Snoop Bob", as they referred to him, insisted that he now leads a very dull life in retirement, reading the paper - and not much else.

Oh for the intrigue at the Jewish Federation eh, Bob? What goes on there could have been written by a scriptwriter for "Game of Thrones". There will be more to come about the Negev Gala in our July 8 issue.

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