After seven years as rabbi of the Herzlia-Adas Yeshurun Synagogue, Rabbi Ari Ellis is moving on to a new position as rabbi of a synagogue in a Detroit suburb.

On Friday, June 26 and Saturday, June 27 members of the congregation held a Friday evening reception and service, followed by a Shabbat dinner with a final Saturday Shabbat service presided over by Rabbi Ellis.
Rabbi Ari Ellis arrived in Winnipeg in 2008, after having lived in Israel with his wife Tikvah Ellis, along with their two young children the previous six years.
In paying tribute to the Ellises, congregation president said: “Rabbi Ellis was certainly a leading light in his early years for the shul. He allowed the synagogue to expand and develop in a way that was important. Unfortunately we ran into certain things - when the boiler went - it went to boiler heaven, then things kind of went downhill…”
Hershfield went on to refer to the ongoing renovations of the synagogue, saying they were “really inspired by Rabbi Ellis and his wife, who led us in the proper direction.”
(You can watch a video of Earl Hershfield’s complete remarks on our website,

In our November 26, 2014 issue we reported on a lawsuit that had been filed against Rabbi and Mrs. Ellis by an individual by the name of Jonathan Bedder. The lawsuit stemmed from something that took place in August 2012, when it is alleged that Rabbi and Mrs. Ellis “conspired, one with the other, and with Sarah (the estranged wife of the plaintiff) to hide the original Birth Certificate of the child Rena (who was the sole child of the plaintiff and his wife) and to make arrangements to abduct her to the United States.”
The statement of claim goes on to say that “in furtherance of this conspiracy, the Defendants Ari and Tikvah, together with Sarah, drove the child Rena to the United States by crossing the Manitoba border into North Dakota on the evening of Sunday, December 16, 2012 and from there, the Defendants Ari and Tikvah turned over care and control of the child Rena to the parents of Sarah who, together with Sarah, took this child to Cincinnati, Ohio.”
In addition, the lawsuit also names “Herzlia Inc.” as a defendant in the lawsuit.
Statements of defense were filed on behalf of both the Ellises and “Herzlia Inc.”
A check of court registry records shows that the lawsuit is still active.