Noa Kaufman

By BERNIE BELLAN In cooperation with the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada, students from the Gray Academy have undertaken a project which is currently being showcased in some of  the glass display windows that are used for JHCWC projects from time to time.

The idea for the project came from Gray Academy Visual Arts instructor Nancy Margolis, who teaches art to students from kindergarten through Grade 12.

In Nancy’s words, “I wanted to show the High School Students a part of Winnipeg that they may or may not have ever heard of, let alone draw. There is so much beauty in architecture and the history behind it.
“We are part of Gray Academy of Jewish Education. I want to build relationships and connections with our rich and vibrant Jewish Community.
“This project is the first of many that I will be doing in art. From painting, to photography, and possibly murals around the city. There is so much talent in our student body. I am so proud of what they have produced and am honoured for these pieces to be displayed for all to admire.”
Underneath each of the students’ drawings visitors can also see photographs of the buildings that were the subjects of the drawings.
One of the drawings was done by Grade 10 student Noa Kaufman. The inscription under her drawing of the former Jewish Orphanage (which was located on the grounds of what became the Rosh Pina Synagogue, later Etz Chayim Synagogue), reads in part: “This is a painting of the Jewish orphanage. I chose this piece because I imagined it full of children, laughing and playing and hoping that one day they could find their parents or get adopted by loving people…I painted this using watercolour pencils. My mom taught me a lot about how to use them properly. She taught me how to blend them to achieve this Sepia effect.”
Another project which Nancy Margolis has brought forward involved the painting of small canvases by Grade 9 and 10 students. The canvases, which all had a Shabbat motif, were packaged as gifts for Meals on Wheels recipients when they were delivered their Shabbat Meals on Wheels January 15 by the Jewish Federation.