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Science fairBy MYRON LOVE
Tracee and Aaron Mellon, Jessica and Joel Cogan and Rebecca Brask are all shepping nachus from their kids.  In late April, 10-year-old Naomi Nathanson (Brask’s daughter), 12-year-old Benjy Cogan and brothers Carson (11) and Stafford (9) Mellon all won medals at the annual Manitoba Schools Science Symposium.

For the Mellon Brothers – Brock Corydon Hebrew Bilingual program students (Carson will be attending the Gray Academy next year for Grade 7) – it was the first time that they had participated in the yearly symposium.  They won a Gold Medal at the school division level and a Bronze at the provincial level for a study looking into video game addiction.
As their mom, Tracee, reports, they surveyed their classmates and did a graph of the results.  “Surprisingly, they found only a very slight difference between their Grade 4 and 6 classmates in terms of addiction,” she says.
Overall, she says, the boys found a very low level of additive behavior related to video games.
For Benjy Cogan, it was also the first time he participated in the science symposium.  The Grade 6 student at The Laureate Academy and his partner, Matteus Benot, won a Gold Medal at the Elememtary level also for a study involving video games.  Their goal, says Benjy’s mother, Jessica, was to see what kind of effect playing video games has on reaction times.
They collected data by having their classmates play video games and have them shoot a basketball, drop a ruler or test their memory before and after playing the video game.  They found that reaction time actually improved in almost all the test subjects.  The major exception was their principal, maybe because he is older, who proved to be slower to react after a video game.
Naomi Nathanson and her partner, Emily Lastra, won a Silver Medal at the provincial level for their study on happiness. The Queenston School students surveyed 70 students in the school before and after certain activities such as dancing and measured brain chemistry.
This was Naomi’s second time participating in the symposium.

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