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Murray Gilfix, one of the co-chairs of the BB Camp Capital Campaign is proud to announce a donation of $250,000 from Barry and Rena Shenkarow, Carrie Shenkarow and Jason Olin, and Mira and Matthew Narvey. 

BB Camp is also pleased to share the completion of its new Olam Katan, due largely in part to the Shenkarow Family’s gracious donation to the Capital Campaign.  Katan, which in Hebrew means “small” was a fitting name to the small rec hall.
The original Olam Katan, was one of BB Camp’s widely used programming space for small cabin and age based group together time. In recent years, the building space was converted to house the Camp’s highly successful day camp program.
The re-build comes three years after its decaying frame and winter’s heavy snowfall brought the building to the ground. The new building still captures the essence of what BB Camp is about, which is what the Shenkarow family wanted.  The new building features a stone fire place, a bathroom and a large open space with beautiful hardwood floors.  The building was repositioned so that the new enclosed porch faces the lake and allows guests to enjoy beautiful sunsets all summer long.
“Each building on Town Island is reminiscent, there is a certain feeling you get when you step on the island,” said BB Camp Board Member and co-Chair of the Capital Campaign Carrie Shenkarow. “We wanted to enhance the safety and structure of each building, while still maintaining the Camp’s integrity.”
After twenty years of not being on the island, Mira Narvey said it felt the same the second she stepped foot on the island at the 60th Anniversary Camp Reunion event in 2014.
“I was shocked when I walked on the island,” said Mira. “I couldn’t believe how everything was the exact same. The paths, the trees, the rocks, and especially the buildings.”
For many, BB Camp is a nostalgic place.  The buildings have outlasted many generations, but while everything may look the same on the outside, the infrastructure of many of BB Camp’s integral buildings are showing their age and reaching their shelf life.
“The buildings are old and they aren’t going to last forever” commented Barry Shenkarow, who attended BB Camp as a camper for a short stint.
Although the trails, trees, and the lake may always be there, Barry noted that without significant donations, the buildings won’t be. And of course, without the proper infrastructure, BB Camp cannot continue.   Barry remarked that “if there was ever a point where the buildings at BB Camp deteriorated to a point where there was no Camp, that would be a terrible thing for the Jewish community in Winnipeg.”
The BB Camp Capital Campaign, with an ambitious goal of $6M, intends to renovate many of the Camp’s integral buildings, including cabins, the dining hall, its large rec hall and construct a new lodge to support its outtripping program.  Other plans include a new day camp facility and new washhouses.
“When the Katan fell, it was a huge eye-opener for the Board” said Carrie. “We knew at that point that other buildings were going to start having issues.”
If there is anything that is important to the Shenkarow Family, it is continuity and growth. Although Rena never attended BB Camp as a youth, she watched her children and grandchildren grow up and benefit from the Camp experience.
“When Mira returned from Advanced Camp in 1991, it was amazing to me how strong she and the other campers were.” Rena Shenkarow said.  She recalls holding back tears as the trips paddled into Camp. “She came out of the canoe and it was unbelievable to see those kids accomplish something so incredible, especially at that age.”
The Shenkarow’s hope the Capital Campaign will allow BB Camp to continue to be a safe place for Jewish children for generations to come.   Mira and her husband Matthew Narvey, who serves as the Chair of the Capital Campaign’s Project Committee are both BB Camp alumni and have two sons currently attending BB Camp – Simon and Paul. Carrie who is also a camp alumni and former Board Chair and current co-chair of the Capital Campaign has two daughters both actively involved at Camp.  Her oldest daughter Jessica will be working as a camp counselor this summer, while her youngest daughter Shirley is attending her final year as a camper.  Carrie looks forward to seeing Shirley attend Advanced Camp next summer.
BB Camp hopes to keep the Campaign momentum going. If you are interested in donating or learning further about the Campaign, visit or contact the BB Camp Office at 204.477.7512.

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