David Gurvey2Twenty-five years ago then-26-year-old powerlifter David Gurvey was the winner of the Max Nusgart Memorial Award as the Jewish Athlete of the Year at the 20th Y Sports Dinner.
At that dinner, according to Harvey Rosen’s account at the time, guest speaker sportscaster Jim Valvano remarked that “he couldn’t get over how the dimunitive Gurvey coud lift 416 pounds!”

David GurveyFast forward to 2017 - and after a long absence from the world of competitve powerlifting, David Gurvey emerged once again as an elite powerlifter when he won gold in his category at the Canadian Western Men’s Powerlifting Champion-ships, which were held last month in Winnipeg.

In the form of an email we were informed of David’s achievements: Squat  - 308 lbs,  Bench Press - 242 lbs, and Deadlift - 419 lbs.

We wondered in which age group David had been competing. He told us he was in the “Masters 2” division (ages 50-59), in the 74 kg class, i.e., maximum weight of 74 kg.

Considering that when he was 26 David was lifting 416 lbs., but now that he’s 51 he’s lifting 419 lbs., you can’t really say that David Gurvey has gone downhill at all!

Congratulations David - now wouldn’t it be something to be named Jewish Athlete of the Year again -26 years after you first accomplished that feat?