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Within the past summer we’ve been reporting on funds disbursed by our community’s two principal fund distributing organizations: The Jewish Federation of Winnipeg and the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba.

In July we noted that the Jewish Federation will be allocating $2,715,000 to the 12 beneficiary agencies that received funding from the Federation.
Then, this past month we reported that, in its 2017 fiscal year, the Jewish Foundation gave $1,391,053 in the form of undesignated grants and $3,145,686 in designated grants to a wide number of organizations and individual recipients  (not all of whom were Jewish). The difference between the two types of grants is that the Foundation has discretion in awarding undesignated grants, but designated grants must be awarded in conformance with the instructions given to the Foundation at the time that a donation or bequest was made, i.e., funds are to be given to particular organizations or groups or individuals meeting certain criteria, e.g., scholarships.
When we reported on the total amount of funding emanating from both the Federation and the Foundation, we only had specific information available about the discretionary funding from both those organizations. We wondered though, whether there was any reason that we couldn’t be given information about the non-discretionary funding from both organizations.
Tara Fainstein, CEO of the Jewish Foundation, responded that there was no reason that information couldn’t be given to us, and she quickly sent us a file that listed all the designated grants given by the Foundation in 2017.

Here, then, is a list of the largest designated grants given by the Jewish Foundation in 2017:

grantsWe noted, however, that there was a discrepancy reported in the total amount of designated grants ($2,909,336) in the file sent to us by Tara and what the Foundation had reported as the total amount of designated grants in the Foundation’s annual report ($3,145,686), so we asked Tara to explain the discrepancy.
She responded: “As you indicated, the distributions included in the file come to $2,909,336.
“Add to this amount the designated distributions on Page 16 of ‘Grants-capitalized’ and ‘Scholarships’, and the designated distributions add to $3,154,686.”
What is of particular significance in this year’s Foundation report, however, is the increasingly growing role the Foundation is playing in funding Jewish organizations in this city. As its endowment has grown and, concurrent with that growth, the total amount it is distributing to Jewish organizations, the Foundation is becoming a growing source of funds for many Jewish organizations here, just as the Federation’s fund-raising efforts seem to have peaked a few years ago and, while not decreasing substantially in the past few years, have also not grown.

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