Ami Bakerman of Winnipeg chapter of Canadian Magen David Adom with Helen Atnikov and the scooter Helen donated to Magen David Adom

Last November we reported on a talk given by Daniel Amzallag, who is the National Media & Volunteer Coordinator for Canadian Magen David Adom (

In his article about Amzallag’s talk at the Berney Theatre, Myron Love noted that “The organization has at its disposal 900 ambulances (three of which were donated by the Winnipeg chapter of the CMDA) and several hundred scooters (two of which have been contributed by the Winnipeg CMDA) to allow first responders to get to critical scenes quickly in cases where traffic may be heavy.”

At the end of the article Myron wrote: “If you would like to donate to Canadian Magen David Adom, go to
(Since that article first appeared, two scooters have been donated to Magen David Adom by the Winnipeg chapter of CMDA, the most recent one having just been donated two weeks ago, as you are about to learn.)
On Tuesday evening, September 25, Daniel Amzallag was back in Winnipeg – this time as one of the guest speakers at an event put on by an organization known as “Friends of Israel” (not to be confused with Winnipeg Friends of Israel). This time Amzallag brought something with him: an emergency medical scooter donated to Magen David Adom by Winnipegger (and JP&N reader) Helen Atnikov.
As you can see in the picture accompanying this article, the box at the back of the scooter contains the following inscription: “Supporting Israel in loving memory of Dr. Bernard Atnikov and Miriam Atnikov Segal by Helen Atnikov, Winnipeg, Canada 2018.
According to information on the Canadian Magen David Adom website, a Magen David Adom medi-cycle emergency scooter, “which is driven by a paramedic, can get through traffic faster than the Standard Ambulance or MICU and provide pre-hospital care. It contains life-saving equipment, including a defibrillator, an oxygen tank, and other essential medical equipment.” The cost of one such scooter is $35,000.
Helen Atnikov told us that after she read articles in our paper written by both Myron Love and Rebeca Kuropatwa (who, along with her husband Ami Bakerman, has given tireless support to CMDA), she decided to make a donation to CMDA toward the purchase of one of these scooters.
When I learned of Mrs. Atnikov’s wonderful gift, I told Daniel Amzallag that if anyone reading this article also decides to make a generous donation to CMDA, next time, “it’s an ambulance or nothing!” (Just kidding… CMDA will accept a gift of any size.)