A stained glass window in Talmud Torah Beth Jacob synagogue in honour of Cantor Brownstone, who was the cantor of that synagogue for almost 60 years
Members of the Talmud Torah Beth Jacob Synagogue are delighted to invite the entire community to a Binyamin Brownstone Shabbat on October 20, 2018 at the synagogue 1525 Main Street north of Lansdowne.

Services start at 9:30 am.
Cantor Brownstone was a liturgical Hebrew scholar, a true genius, who taught at the Talmud Torah and the Peretz School and was cantor at the school’s synagogue for almost 60 years.
His greatest achievement was the training of thousands in cantorial skills but more importantly instilling in them a love and passion for the synagogue and service as cantors.
His students can be found as Jewish leaders all over North America and those who remained in Winnipeg will be leading services October 20, singing prayers with the timeless nusach (tunes) Cantor Brownstone created.
In Winnipeg synagogues today his soulful and heartfelt nusach can be heard.
Cantor Brownstone’s prayers emanated from his heart and soul, his voice - the words and melodies.
A beautiful stained glass window was commissioned in tribute with the words “shir ushvecha hallel vezimra”.
Song and praise lauding in music.
Perry Rubenfeld, Al Benarroch, Marshall Dana, Carey Boroditsky, Allan Finkel and jack Boroditsky will be leading services singing Cantor Brownstone’s timeless melodies, a legacy for the ages.
Eli Boroditsky, a disciple of another Talmud Torah teacher Mr. Serlin, will be reading the Torah.
The influence of the Talmud Torah founded over a hundred years ago still permeates our community today.
A kiddush will be hosted by Esther and Sid Halpern, Peretz School and Talmud Torah alumni in memory of Cantor Brownstone who was a personal dearly loved family friend.
Please call Percy Golubchuk at 204-589-3059 for further information or if anyone wishes an aliyah.