Tara Fainstein/Adam Bronstone


What is it with the biggest Jewish organizations in Winnipeg? For the second time in three years, following an extensive process of recruitment, a former Winnipegger who was brought into head a major Jewish organization was let go less than a year into the job.


Three years ago it was Adam Bronstone, who found himself removed from the position of CEO of the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg less than a year into his job. This time it was Tara Fainstein, who was sent packing from her postion as CEO of the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, again - less than a year into her job.

Both Bronstone and Fainstein had come highly touted before assuming their respective positions. As well, the manner in which they were relieved of their duties was messy. (We won't go into details here. You'll have to read the full story in the Oct. 31 issue of the JP&N.)

But - we think we may have discovered another common thread to this story - one that may prove surprising: Adam Bronstone and his wife raised horses at their McReary Road home; Tara Fainstein also owned a horse. Is it possible that there is an element of anithorsism behind the decision to terminate both Bronstone and Fainstein? Stay tuned!