Puzzle Israel chefs (l-r): Nir Margalith, Dor Aloni, Neta Margalith

In conjunction with the Rady JCC three talented chefs from Israel introduced Winnipeggers to an ongoing series of Israeli dishes over a five-day period, beginning October 4.

Guests at a Puzzle Israel event (l-r): Faith Kaplan, Debbie Brown, Anne Joudan

Other dishes that night included hummus; tahini; Rosh Hashana salad (fennel & apples); pomegranate seeds with walnuts, carmelized in honey; chard salad; cabbage seasoned with thyme, garlic, olive oil, salt & pepper (roasted for 3 hours); cheese made from yogurt with lime & vinegar; and eggplant roasted with red onions.
If you would like to try some exotic Israeli recipes - or are interested in finding out about Puzzle Israel tours, go to the Puzzle Israel website: www.puzzleisrael.com