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graffiti at BerMax Caffé that was first noticed the morning of Feb. 1

Incident follows upon egg thrown at window last year and brick thrown at window of BerMax Design several years ago


(Posted Feb. 9) The story about BerMax Caffé being targeted with antisemitic graffiti was first reported on our Facebook page (Jewish Post and News) Sunday morning, Feb. 3, when we received an email from the owners of BerMax.  Since then the story on our Facebook page has reached 23,900 individuals. It has also elicited 295 comments.

For the second time in two weeks the owners of BerMax Caffé & Bistro, located at 1800 Corydon Avenue, arrived at work in the morning only to find antisemitic graffiti painted on the doors of their restaurant, also on the nearby fence adjoining the parking lot.

According to BerMax’s Maxim Berent, this latest spate of antisemitic graffitti would have had to occur sometime between 9:00 pm Thursday evening January 31, when the restaurant closed for the evening, and 7:00 am Friday morning, February 1, when the owners arrived to open for the day.

Berent also said that a similar incident had occurred two weeks prior when the word “Jew” had been painted on one of the restaurant windows. At that time the hate crimes unit of the Winnipeg Police Service was notified. The latest spate of graffitti was also reported to the WPS, Berent said. This time though, the owners of BerMax also reported the vandalism to the Jewish Federation and B’nai Brith.

Maxim Berent also noted that last year an egg had been thrown at one of the restaurant windows. Going back even further in time, Berent said that a few years ago a brick had been thrown the window of BerMax Design, which directly adjoins the restaurant.
BerMax Caffé is no longer open on Shabbat, Maxim Berent added, despite having decided to go non-kosher this past September.

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