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With the Israeli election drawing nearer (April 9), I thought to myself: “Wouldn’t it be interesting to hold a large forum where Winnipeggers could gather together and discuss Israeli politics?”


So, I broached the idea to a number of different parties - wondering whether others might also think it would be an interesting idea. But, when I contacted a number of individuals, all of whom represented different organizations, to see whether they would be interested in getting involved with an event such as this, I added one condition: In order to attract former Israelis now living in Winnipeg, the event would have to be held in two languages: English and Hebrew.
It turns out that almost everyone with whom I was in contact thought it would be an interesting experiment - and the idea took off.

After meeting with representatives of a number of different organizations it was agreed that the townhall will take place Thursday, March 7, beginning at 7:00 pm, at the Shaarey Zedek Synagogue.
University of Manitoba Political Studies Professor Tami Jacoby has agreed to serve as facilitator for the evening’s discussion. In addition to being an expert on Middle East politics, Prof. Jacoby is also fluent in Hebrew. Since we’re hoping that individuals who may be more comfortable expressing themselves in Hebrew will want to attend - and participate, what we’re envisioning is a free-flowing discussion where Prof. Jacoby will be able to offer capsule translations of what Hebrew speaking participants have to say.
Of course, this will be a novice attempt at staging an event that will be accessible to quite a diverse range of participants - but it might prove fascinating.

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