Jewish Fireside Chat Winter 2021 - Smart + Soulful

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Covid situation presents synagogues with opportunities as well as challenges

Synagogue spokespersons
(clockwise from top left):
Rabbi Allan Finkel, Temple Shalom
Rabbi Yosef Benarroch, Adas Yeshurun Herzlia
Ian Staniloff, Shaarey Zedek
Jonathan Buchwald, Etz Chayim

These are trying times that we are living through.  And certainly, our communal religious institutions – having been prevented from convening services for these past few months – have faced their share of challenges. But, as rabbis and synagogue spokespeople have pointed out in a series of interviews, there have also been new opportunities that have presented themselves that may never have occurred without the challenges.

Canadian Friends of Hebrew University announces $5,000,000 gift from the Asper Foundation

(l-r): Richard Leipsic (Trustee,
Asper Foundation), David Asper,
Leonard Asper, Gail Asper

This transformative gift will name Asper HUJI Innovate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Canadian Friends of Hebrew University are pleased to announce a transformative gift of five million dollars ($5M) from The Asper Foundation that will be used to name Asper HUJI Innovate, a multi-disciplinary center dedicated to assisting students, faculty and alumni develop their innovation and entrepreneurial skills at the Hebrew University.

A life cut tragically short - 50 years ago

Rebecca (Rebbie) Victor

It was 50 years ago this month that the life of a young woman who was loved by all who knew her was cut tragically short as the result of a totally unforeseeable incident.
I didn’t know Rebecca Victor (who was commonly known as Rebbie), although it turns out we weren’t far apart in age.

Canadian Associates of Ben Gurion University hand baton in Winnipeg to next generation of leaders

Diandra Etkin/Aaron Migie

In late November we reported that the Winnipeg branch of the Canadian Associates of Ben Gurion University had made a major transition in its local leadership when longtime Winnipeg chair Sheldon Zamick handed over responsibilities to two thirty-something members of our community: Diandra Etkin and Aaron Migie.

David Matas awarded Global Humanitarian Leader of the Year Award

David Matas

Jan. 4, 2021 Winnipeg-based international human rights lawyer David Matas has been awarded the first ever Global Humanitarian Leader of the Year award by the human rights group Canadians in Support of Refugees in Dire Need (CSRDN).

Josh Assor, theatrical man for all seasons, adds film production to his growing resumé

Josh Assor

Over the years, our Jewish community has produced quite a number of individuals who have found success in the performing arts both here at home and elsewhere. Among them is Josh Assor.

Rady JCC to restart cultural programming after long hiatus

Rob Berkowits
Executive Director,
Rady JCC

Of all the Jewish organizations that have been hit hardest by the lockdown under which we have all been living to one extent or another since March 2020, none was more adversely affected than the Rady JCC.

Ron Ben-Zhion "raising the roof" with RonOvations

Ron Ben-Zhion

The other half of the Ben-Zhion couple is also talented in his own right.


See how many faces you can recognize in this video

Screenshot 18The Gwen Secter Centre had an idea for a video involving some of our community's most recognizable faces.

See how many of them you might recognize in this video of a well-know Carol King song that was put together recently.

Dora Ben-Zhion now at the helm of Grandma Alla’s

Dora Ben-Zhion

For many who have had the opportunity to taste Grandma Alla’s baking and cooking, you may already know how good it is.
But, what may be news is that Grandma Alla (Golinkin), retired last July. Fortunately, her assistant, Dora Ben-Zhion, has gradually stepped into filling in for all of Grandma Alla’s baking fans’ needs – baking up a storm, especially over the holidays.