Detailed figures on amounts Jewish Foundation has given to Jewish organizations

Jewish Foundation logoBy BERNIE BELLAN
Imagine my surprise when, despite being told that the Jewish Foundation would not disclose how much funding specific organizations have received from the Foundation in its three stage emergency funding process, which began in April, I happened to be perusing the Jewish Foundation website and, lo and behold, there are complete tables giving all that information.

Update to how various organizations are coping with the pandemic

Shalom Residences' Micah Kraut & Rabbi Yitzchok Charytan

Ed. note: As part of our continuing effort to report on the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on all Jewish organizations and agencies in this city, we present information about Shalom Residences and Gwen Secter Centre based on email exchanges we had with Shalom Residences Executive Director Nancy Hughes and Gwen Secter Executive Director Becky Chisick. We also present information from Rady JCC Executive Director Rob Berkowits about enhanced amenities at that facility.

New Jewish Child and Family Service president has lengthy history with the organization

32-year-old Ari Hanson

Seventeen years ago, a Gray Academy high school student by the name of Ari Hanson began doing volunteer work for the Jewish Child and Family Service (JCFS). Today, the 32-year-old tax and civil litigation associate with Fillmore Riley LLP is the youngest president in the history of the JCFS.

Pillar of the community Abe Simkin passes

Abe Simkin in 2012 - age 90

With the death of Abe Simkin last month in California, the last surviving member of his generation of the Simkin clan is now gone. You can read Mr. Simkin’s obituary elsewhere on this website at, but we present here an excerpt from Abe Simkin’s life story as it appears in the Jewish Foundation’s Book of Life. This excerpt was written in 2012 when Mr. Simkin had just turned 90:

Synagogues working on Yom Tov plans with minimal in person attendance

Outdoor Kabbalat Shabbat service at Etz Chayim

It is most definitely an understatement to say that this will be a yom tov like no other. In my last year’s reporting about high holiday attendance at Winnipeg synagogues (including services held at Camp Massad) in The Jewish Post & News yearly survey of high holiday synagogue attendance I noted that about 4,500 Jewish Winnipeggers at least could be found in shul - at least at peak times – for shofar-blowing, Kol Nidre and yizkor.

Simkin Centre – and all other personal care homes in Manitoba facing unprecedented pressures due to COVID-19

Simkin Centre 
residents of Simkin Centre early July


Even though the Province of Manitoba has eased the rules governing personal care homes and how visitors will now be able to see loved ones, the financial pressures facing all personal care homes in Manitoba had been huge even before the pandemic set in.

Jewish Foundation allocates a further $200,000 in phase 2 of emergency funding for Jewish organizations

Jewish Foundation logoBy BERNIE BELLAN
As we reported in our June 24 issue, the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba has announced that it will be giving a total of $600,000 in emergency funding to local Jewish organizations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, of which $400,000 has now been given.

Jewish Child and Family Service holds successful Annual General Meeting - online

JCFS Executive Director Al Benarroch

In covering Annual General Meetings over the years I always try and find something different about which I can write – so that an article like this doesn’t end up being simply a repeat of previous years’ reports.

Noted Winnipeg doctor Brent Schacter recognized for leading role in developing standardized testing for technologists in new research sub-specialty

Dr. Brent Schacter

In a lengthy career, cancer specialist Dr. Brent Schacter has always been a leader in expanding the boundaries of medical research and preventive medicine.

Jewish Federation increases allocations to beneficiary agencies by $90,000

Jewish Federation logoJewish Child and Family Service and Rady JCC see largest increases in allocations
The Jewish Federation of Winnipeg has released the amounts by which it will fund its 12 beneficiary agencies for the coming fiscal year, which begins September 1.

Gray Academy grad Dylan Kagan first ever Gray Academy student to be given “McDonald’s Leadership Award”

Dylan Kagan

The McDonald’s Leadership Award is awarded to 16 students (eight boys and eight girls) annually who “demonstrate exceptional leadership in high school sport, school, and community involvement while also maintaining a minimum of 75% average.”
McDonald’s awards each recipient a $1,000 scholarship.