A taste of Limmud 2020

Limmud volunteers

Limmud Winnipeg celebrated its tenth anniversary on the weekend of February 29/March 1 with quite possibly its best attendance to date. Close to 400 members of our community had more than three dozen sessions to choose from, with presenters from across Canada, New York and Israel joining local speakers and facilitators in providing a smorgasbord of topics both secular and religious, cultural and culinary.
As usual, this writer indulged in a representative sampling of what was on the menu, balancing local and Israeli issues with some religious study as well as delving into Jewish history. And, while each session could make for an entire feature on its own, space considerations leave me to focus on the highlights.

19 members of BBYO Red River Region attend BBYO International Convention

IAN BARUCH (right), Youth Program Director at the Rady JCC, with actor JESSE EISENBERG at BBYO International Convention


When Ian Baruch accepted the position of Youth Program Coordinator at the Rady JCC - in charge of BBYO, back in August 2019, he was excited to be leading a program in which he himself had been a member only a few years previously.

Looking for something different while you're cooped up? Here are some services being offered by different people

By BERNIE BELLAN (Posted March 21)

Do you know someone who is in desperate need of some delicious - and kosher prepared meals - at reasonable prices, that can be picked up? Then Grandma Alla by Chabad may have just what you're looking for. Read more here:

Update from Jewish Federation

Jewish FedFollowing is a message received from Elaine Goldstine, CEO of the Winnipeg Jewish Federation re closures and changes in plans for various community organizations:

Dear Community Members,

The situation relating to COVID-19 is continually changing, with many communications being issued by companies and organizations regarding cancellations, closures and postponements.

Winnipeg Jewish community organizations take steps in reaction to spread of Coronavirus


(Posted March 13, 5:00 pm, updated March 14, 15, 16, 17) As governments, businesses, and organizations throughout the world assess just what steps are necessary to take in order to halt the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Jewish organizations in Winnipeg have also begun to adopt new measures in reaction to the extraordinarily swift spread of the pandemic.

New Jewish Federation outreach event hit all the right notes

(l-r): Kendall Hinds, Carly Kahan, Richard Pound, Samantha Kasloff

In early February, Fling Before the Ring, geared to newly engaged and married couples, and the community as a whole, was put on by the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg.
The event was the brainchild of the Federation’s Madeline Lopez Ficher. It was held at the Audi Dealership with 14 couples in attendance.
Of Lopez Ficher, the Federation’s engagement manager, Florencia Katz, said, “She was I think inspired a bit by the Shalom Baby Shower Event that we offer twice a year for new parents who just had babies...So, based on this concept, she came up with this idea and we started thinking of how to reach out to the young adult demographic who tend to be drawn to live stage events.

David Greaves now at the helm of JNF Winnipeg

David Greaves

David Greaves has recently been appointed executive director of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) Winnipeg, another positive step on his noteworthy journey in supporting Israel and the Jewish community.
It was almost 20 years ago, in 2002, that Greaves founded the Israeli National Bobsleigh Team. That sparked his decision to become an Israeli citizen.

Arab Jewish Dialogue emphasizes respectful discussion of differing points of view

Arab Jewish Dialogue co-chairs Howard Morry (on left), and Ab Freig

Fourteen years ago, Egyptian-born Winnipeg businessman Ab Freig and the late Harold Buchwald found themselves to be fellow members of the board of the Arthur V. Mauro Institute for Peace and Justice at St. Paul’s College, University of Manitoba. Freig at the time was also involved in the Peace Action Network through which he had learned of a number of dialogue groups in operation, a concept he thought might be of benefit in Winnipeg as well. He approached Buchwald and proposed that they start an Arab Jewish Dialogue group in Winnipeg – with Freig recruiting the other Arab members and Buchwald bringing in Jewish representation.

Israeli hockey player Guy Rozin continues to improve his game playing in Canada

16-year-old Guy Rozin - just came back from playing for Israel in the Div. IIB Under 20 World Hockey Championship

Elsewhere on this website you can read where I reported on the success that 17-year-old Michael Akbashev has had in the world of competitive judo (https://jewishpostandnews.ca/features/3111-two-years-ago-he-was-youth-ambassador-for-shalom-square-now-he-s-one-of-the-top-judokas-in-his-age-category-in-all-of-canada.)
Since I had written about Michael last year, it wasn’t all that difficult for me to remember what I had written.
But, when I decided to take a look at another young Israeli-born athlete whose story had been told in our paper, I was surprised to see that I, myself, had written the first story about Guy Rozin – three years ago to be exact, when Guy was 13 and when Guy and his family had just moved to Winnipeg from Israel – all so that Guy could further his hockey playing career.

Youngest survivor of Auschwitz calls for greater Holocaust education efforts

l-r): Jessica Cogan (Jewish Federation of Winnipeg Israel and Overseas Chair), Carrie Shenkarow (Jewish Federation Chair of Winnipeg’s March of the Living Committee) and Angela Orosz-Richt, the youngest remaining survivor of Auschwitz

Angela Orosz-Richt is greatly concerned about the rising tide of Anti-Semitism in the world.
“It seems that the world hasn’t learned anything from the Holocaust,” she said. “There are still a lot of people who believe that all Jews are rich and influential, that we control Hollywood and the media. The internet is full of garbage and we are seeing rising levels and Anti-Semitic attacks in Germany and France and even Brooklyn.
“And it’s not just the old Anti-Semitism. The lies about Israel are outrageous.”

New era about to begin for Chesed Shel Emes

A new era is about to begin for the Chesed Shel Emes, our community’s 90-year-old non-profit funeral home. At the beginning of March, the little house attached to the main chapel is scheduled to be demolished. The “house” is currently home to the office, the multi-purpose boardroom and – most importantly – the area where bodies are stored and tahara – ritual cleansing – is carried out.