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Manitoba High Schools Athleltic Association Executive Director Morris Glimcher to retire in June

Morris GlimcherBy HARVEY ROSEN Throughout the years, most of us, both young and old alike, have had that unnerving experience of searching for full or part-time employment - all the while unrealistically dreaming of the ideal job that would pay handsomely, offer convenient working hours plus vacation pay and, of course, generous benefits befitting someone of your supposedly unmatchable credentials.

Isaac Bellan: Manitoba Major Junior Hockey League Defenceman of the Year

When I conversed over the telephone last week with defenceman Isaac Bellan, who plays with the Transcona Railer Express of the Manitoba Major Junior Hockey League, it became self evident ever since he was five or six years old that he, like so many other young Canadian kids, loved our game with a passion and hoped that he too might one day, at some level, become an integral part of it.