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Mysterious B’nai Brith plaque surfaces after 63 years - mystery solved thanks to Stan Carbone…and a Jewish Post from 1952

It began with an e-mail I received from Earl Barish on March 21. In the e-mail Barish explained that Brenda Tessler-Donen, Executive Director of B’nai Brith Camp, had received a fascinating phone call from an architectural firm in Kenora earlier in March.

Former Winnipeg Jewish Theatre Artistic Director Michael Nathanson arrested at Manitoba border


Was the WJT board asleep at the switch?

Why did it take the police so long to act? By the time you read this there may have been more information disclosed about circumstances surrounding the arrest of former WJT artistic director and general manager Michael Nathanson, but with the information that has been made publicly available, many questions remain to be answered.

Challenges in finding places for the disabled within our Jewish community

By REBECA KUROPATWA When one considers the sheer numbers of intellectually disabled people in the general population – estimated at about three percent – it is not hard to see what a monumental challenge it is to find a place for each one of these individuals. This is hard enough on its own, but even more so when seeking a place that will preserve one’s Jewish identity.

Researcher conducting survey on future of Jewish education here

We received a request from a researcher  to publicize a survey that is being conducted within Winnipeg's Jewish community. The survey is intended to assess the needs and interests of parents when it comes to Jewish education for school-age children here. If you are the parent of a school-age child in Winnipeg and would be interested in completing the survey, here is the link to it: