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Winnipeggers participate in India fundraising competition

By MYRON LOVE It was a moment of pure terror for Winnipeggers Adam Sawyer, Jenna Brown and Jenna’s father, Bobby. There they were, driving down on a two-lane highway in a tuktuk – a motorized three-wheeled rickshaw – when a huge oil tanker approached them in the opposite lane – and another huge oil tanker came out from behind the first one, attempting to pass, and was barrelling right toward the three Winnipeggers.

Jewish community sows kindness at Winnipeg Harvest

Submitted by Jason Booth, Communications Associate, Winnipeg Harvest
Sandy Hyman explains two phrases, Gemilut Chasadim and Tikkun Olam, exemplify the Jewish community’s dedication to charitable causes. “The giving of loving kindness,” and, “repair of the world” are philosophies that mesh perfectly with the views of most Winnipeg Harvest volunteers and supporters, who have given food, time, and money to share with Manitobans in need since 1985.