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Researcher conducting survey on future of Jewish education here

We received a request from a researcher  to publicize a survey that is being conducted within Winnipeg's Jewish community. The survey is intended to assess the needs and interests of parents when it comes to Jewish education for school-age children here. If you are the parent of a school-age child in Winnipeg and would be interested in completing the survey, here is the link to it:

Former Winnipegger Jason Marantz to appear at Limmud

While Limmud attracts presenters of all different stripes, it’s always nice when among those presenters we find a few former Winnipeggers who have made names for themselves in other parts of the world. When those individuals do return to Winnipeg for Limmud you can be sure that some of the people who will turn out to hear them will be old friends and sometimes former students from years past – as well, of course, as relatives.

Around town

Jewish Federation CEO Adam Bronstone was caught by surprise on Tuesday, February 3, when a group of Grade 7 Gray Academy students greeted him outside the Federation offices with a card that recognized his status as an "important person" in the community.
Teacher Avi Posen introduced Adam to the students - then he introduced me, saying I was also an "important person". I told the students that Avi was kidding.

Public lecture completes Lodz Ghetto photo exhibit

By MYRON LOVE The Lodz Ghetto (or Littmannstadt Ghetto, as the Nazis called it) - the focus of a photo exhibit that was on display at the Ogniwo Polish Museum Society at 1417 Main Street in North Winnipeg (and which was held over until February 20th) - was the first large ghetto established by the Nazis after their conquest of Poland. At its peak in early 1941,the ghetto housed 200,000 Jews reported Dr. Thomas Lutz, at a public lecture at the Berney Theatre on Wednesday, February 11.

Prolific author Carol Matas nominated for National Jewish Book Award

By MYRON LOVE Carol Matas undoubtedly needs little introduction to most readers. She is a top-selling internationally acclaimed author of 45 books for children and young adults. Her best-selling work, which includes three award-winning series, has been translated into over a dozen languages including Spanish, Catalan, Japanese, Taiwanese, Turkish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, German, French, Indonesian, Bulgarian and Russian. For her latest work though, she has taken a different route.