There are some Palestinians who are trying to tell the clueless Europeans and EU bureaucrats “thanks, but no thanks”.

Most recently, as reported in the February 5 edition of the online “Elder of Ziyon” blog, quoting the European NGO for MENA (Middle East and North African countries)h, “representatives of three hundred and fifty unpaid public-sector employees in Gaza denounced the PA in a scathing letter sent to the Arab League, European Union representatives and the Palestinian Legislative Council.”
The letter criticises Abbas’ personal appropriation of power and the increasing authoritarianism of his regime. The authors state: “The Palestinian Authority – supposedly committed to the liberation and defence of our people – has joined the ranks of Palestine’s oppressors. The PA now violates, rather than ensures, the rights of Palestinians; it systematically destroys, rather than builds, the institutions of a future Palestinian state; it appropriates funds for its own political purposes, rather than using them to create a democratic, professional and accountable government. “The PA is not currently fit to represent the Palestinian people, who have no confidence that, under this administration, their struggles and sacrifices will lead to an independent and free state.” Even harsher are the words of Palestinian commentator Bassem Tawil writing in the Gatestone Institute’s online publication on December 28. “Listening, in both English and Arabic, to the latest speeches of Palestinian Authority [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas and his fellow Fatah Central Committee members,” Tawil writes, “we get the uncomfortable feeling that the Palestinian State, now being promoted in Europe, will not only be a threat to the stability of the entire region, but to us who have to keep living here, as well to those countries in Europe who promote it.
“As Palestinians discuss among themselves – far from the diplomats in their five-star hotels – rather than accept this “gift” that Europe seems determined to push down our throats, many people increasingly see no choice but to launch a “Palestinian Spring” revolution. It would not be, as you might think, to rid them of Israel but finally to rid us of our wretched leadership and corrupt system of government – and to stop the European counties that are imposing this brutal system on us by financing it.”
Tawil points out that the Palestinians “have been fortunate enough to see from Israel how a democracy works. So although a Palestinian Spring revolution might cause chaos in the region and elsewhere for a while,” he writes, “its chances of success are far more assured than in the other places in the Middle East, where it has been tried but has not always succeeded.
“We do not want to do this, of course, but if we are forced by Europe to have this corrupt dictatorship called Palestine, terrorist groups such as Hamas, Al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, and ISIS will flood the West Bank in less than a week, and our lives will be even worse than what we have now. We simply do not know what else to do to defend ourselves from these “Goodists” of Europe.”
Tawil notes that the Palestinian leadership, which represses people rather than confers with them, would, of course, deny all this to the European diplomats. “The Palestinian leaders just want to keep the funds coming and keep their jobs,” he observes. “And of course, the European diplomats do not talk to us, the man on the street, the frustrated rest of us. They only talk to each other, their “counterparts,” as they call them, in their air-conditioned meeting rooms and hotels.
“In a weird way,” he concludes, “the Israelis are just the other victims whom the Europeans – in collusion with our leaders – are manipulating us to hate. The Europeans pay our leaders to shape how we think. It is a brainwashing that never lets up.
The Europeans put their own people on trial for “hate speech” when they have said nothing but the truth; and yet they pour millions into non-stop propaganda and bloodthirsty hate-speech on our government-controlled TV.”
The last words go to Israeli Arab journalist Khaled Abu Toameh – also in Gatestone on December 18. “The parliament members of Sweden, Britain, France and Portugal who voted in favor of recognizing Palestinian statehood do not seem to care if the Palestinian state would be another corrupt dictatorship where there is no room for the rule of law, transparency or freedom of speech,” he writes.
“These Western parliamentarians are in fact acting against the interests of the Palestinians, who are clearly not hoping for another corrupt dictatorship in the Arab world. By turning a blind eye to human rights violations, as well as assaults on freedom of expression, the judiciary and the parliamentary system in the Palestinian territories, Western parliaments are paving the way for the creation of a rogue state called Palestine.”