Operation EzraThe following letter was printed in the May 24 issue of The JP&N. It came as a response to the suggestion that the Jewish Federation appoint an ombusperson to deal with complaints about agencies that come under the aegis of the Federation (http://jewishpostandnews.ca/opinion/2304-is-it-time-that-the-community-appointed-an-ombudsperson):

To the editor,
We, members of the Yazidi community in Manitoba, have some very serious criticisms of how Operation Ezra has been operated. While we greatly appreciate everything that has been done on behalf of members of our community by Operation Ezra, there are many questions about how the families that have been brought here by Operation Ezra were selected. We have attempted to raise those concerns with certain key principals of Operation Ezra, but unfortunately our concerns were dismissed.
We would appreciate the opportunity to have our concerns reviewed by an independent third party who would be able to examine the evidence we have.
Signed by the  following members of the Yazidi community of Manitoba:
Khalil Hesso, President,
Yazidi Association of Manitoba,
Hadji Hesso, Director,
Yazidi Association of Manitoba,
Hazam Hasan
Saeed Darweesh
Mourad Hesso
Haidar Hesso
Marwan Khoudeda
Elias Hesso
Farhad Shammd
Barakat Aslan
Asia Hilo
Laila Khoudeda
Berevan Hesso
Lina Hadji

Amer Khoudeda
Akram Kassem
Naer Hesso
Mazen Haidar
Hazem Aslan
Amshah Hussein
Ali Aslan
Mayasa Hilo
Khalaf Kaski
Karha Khalaf
Salma Aslan
Sinan Aslan
Adlan Suliman
Naeif Aslan
Mourad Hilo
Sherin Aslan
Shammo Hussein
Nadya Aslan