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Why bother even hiring professional headhunters if you're going to fire whomever they've proposed in less than a year?

Tara Fainstein/Adam Bronstone


I wonder whether every few years or so (if this paper is still around), I’m going to be writing yet another column expressing shock over the removal of another employee of a Winnipeg Jewish organization – or synagogue.

With the spriralling cost of kosher meat, is it time that some of our Jewish institutions considered offering both kosher and non-kosher food?

Our Parents' Home in Edmonton, which offers both non-kosher and kosher meals to residents


In our last issue (October 3) I suggested something for consideration within our Jewish community that might have raised the ire of some readers (which I had no doubt it would): Change the requirements that the Simkin Centre, Camp Massad, and B’nai Brith Camp serve only kosher meals.