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Bitterly disappointed over Likud victory

By BERNIE BELLAN The results of the Israeli election came as a bitter disappointment to me. I didn’t really know very much about  Zionist Union co-leader Isaac Herzog but, to think that this apparently ineffectual politician presented the best chance for unseating BB Netanyahu didn’t promise much hope for those among us who were hoping to see an end to Likud-dominated coalitions.

How widespread is poverty within Winnipeg's Jewish community

By BERNIE BELLAN I don’t know about you, but when I see something - whether it’s in a newspaper or magazine article or perhaps in an e-mail,  that purports to make a claim that seems to defy logic, I don’t immediately run a Google check to see whether there’s anything to that claim. Instead, my usual reaction is: “Wow! I sure didn’t think that was the case.”