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Chesed Shel Emes unveils new art installation honouring major donors to recent fundraising campaign

By MYRON LOVE The Chesed Shel Emes, our community’s non-profit burial society/funeral chapel, has recently unveiled a new piece of art in recognition of the major donors who contributed to the recent construction of the new administration building that is attached to the south side of the 75-year-old chapel.
“We wanted to commission a unique piece of art in celebration of our generous donors and create a permanent reminder of their connection to the community and our chapel,” says Chesed Shel Emes President Hillel Kravetsky.
The 7’ tall by 5’ wide sculptured wall hanging in the shape of the Hebrew letter “shin” contains the names of 330 families and individuals who contributed more than $1,000 a piece to the construction of the new administration building which officially opened just over a year ago. The new building replaces a more than 100-year-old house which the Chesed Shel Emes board purchased shortly after its formation in 1929.
Rena Boroditsky, the Chesed Shel Emes’ long time executive director, notes that the plaque in the shape of a “shin” is based on the organization’s logo which is on display on the front of the building and in the chapel itself. She explains that the letter, “shin”, is significant in our end of life rituals. The Shechinah – or feminine aspect of God – is with us in the tahara room as we lovingly prepare the body for burial.
She reports that nearly 1,000 donors contributed toward the campaign in total, raising $3.7 million to completely cover the cost of construction.
Boroditsky notes that fundraising continues – and that there is still a $165,000 bill to cover to replace the roof on the historic chapel.
“We knew that our roof needed work,” she says, “but we didn’t initially realize the extent of it.”
Readers who may want to support the Chesed Shel Emes can also contribute to the Building Fund or to one of organization‘s endowment funds being administered by the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba.
The interest from both the general fund and the Jeff Morgan ZL Memorial Fund goes toward fulfilling Chesed’s mandate of making sure that everyone is cared for regardless of financial constraints. (Morgan was a dedicated volunteer as well as a staff member who passed away suddenly two years ago.)
Boroditsky would also like to let the community know that the new facility – with its kosher kitchen – has meeting space for community organizations.
“Everyone is welcome to come by for a tour of our new building,” the executive director says.
For further information readers can contact Rena at chesedwinnipeg@gmail.com.

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