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Lost Tribes Esports popular with Jewish teens

By Bernie Bellan The esports industry has seen significant growth in the last decade. There are tons of major esports tournaments held across the world. Some of the popular titles include: Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League and more. These games have attracted players from around the globe, including the US, China, South Korea, and Russia. 

Nonetheless, in the last few years since the 2020 Pandemic, several new esports gaming platforms have sprouted. The Lost Tribe Esports is one of the recent esports game hubs that has gained popularity, especially among  Jews. Basically, this is a Jewish video game league platform founded in 2018 by Lenny Silberman, a former Jewish camp director.

Overview of Lost Tribe

Lost Tribe Esports gaming platform features several attributes of the gameplay that are based on Jewish values. For instance, the site developer has provided a safe space for female players in an industry dominated by men. 

Another incredible aspect of Lost Tribe’s tournaments is the age cap limit. The tournaments are available for kids aged 13 to 17 who have to register in advance. This age limit is strictly followed to ensure that no adults enter the teen space. Hence, protecting the players from abusive language and conduct. This creates a more accommodative gaming community which is purely based on competition and having fun. 

How to Participate in the Lost Tribe Esports

Playing in the Lost Tribe esports league is similar to other online gaming platforms such as real money online casinos. Basically, you are required to sign up with your real name. However, unlike casinos, you don’t need to fund your account. Instead, you can compete with other online players for fun. Lost Tribe allows teenagers to compete in popular video games like Rocket League, Fortnite, Super Smash Bros, and NBA 2K20. If you prefer streaming on Twitch, Lost Tribe holds some of its tournaments on this popular streaming platform. 

The Future of Lost Tribe Esports

Lost Tribe Esports has revolutionized how teenagers connect and engage with Jewish communal life through online and in-person events. Players from ages 13 have access to monitored and safe online esports connections. Once a player has signed up, they can socialize with their peers from the community and find gaming partners. Furthermore, there are other channels within the Lost Tribe Esports server where one can connect with Jewish peers worldwide. 

Lost Tribe Esports Offline Participation

The Lost Tribe has partnered with BBYO, a Jewish travel provider, with the aim to provide means for Jewish teens to connect physically with their peers. In July 2022, eligible teens from the 9th to 11 grade were given a $3,000 travel voucher. This initiative was designed to help connect Jewish teens to Israel by lowering the financial barrier to engaging in summer trips. The company has plans to make such events more frequent to provide an avenue for virtual friends to meet and compete in person in Israel. This is expected to play a key role in popularizing esports among the Jewish community.

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