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Lyndon Johnson: Holocaust hero

MyronAs many readers of The Jewish Post & News are likely aware, I maintain that President Donald Trump is the best friend that Israel and the Jewish people have ever had in the White House.

Despite the media’s constant labeling of him as an Anti-Semite (racist, etc., etc.) and hostility by a majority of American Jewry, his words and actions consistently say otherwise.

Are we going to be divided into two groups in society based on whose jobs are protected and whose not?


As if the fear that any of us might contract COVID-19 isn't bad enough, we're rapidly devolving into a society that has two groups of workers: Those who have either been laid off entirely or taken cuts in pay or hours; and those whose jobs are fully protected, either by collective agreements or organizations that do not want to cut staffs.

Why we should disinvite this alleged Epstein accomplice from coming to our community

Tovi Rose


On October 23rd, the Canadian Associates of Ben Gurion University will be holding a gala in honor of two of the Winnipeg Jewish community’s most philanthropic members, Hope and Howard Morry. The couple have long been active members of our community, with more than a few impressive titles between them. I doubt that anyone can argue against these two being honored for their many contributions, and thus, their gala is sure to go on without any protest. That is, it would, were it not for one key component. That component is the guest speaker for the night, one Mister Alan Dershowitz.

Knowing when to fold

Martin Shubik


Ed. note: This story first appeared in our Dec. 15, 2010 edition. We thought it especially relevant in light of the story which you can read elsewhere on this site at about the Board of Jewish Education’s ongoing lawsuit against a family here - and the possibility that the Board may incur huge legal costs - even if it should win its lawsuit.