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Allan Levine brings back his much-loved detective Sam Klein in his latest book

Allan Levine edited 1Reviewed by BERNIE BELLAN
It’s been 14 years since Allan Levine last brought us a Sam Klein mystery novel. In the interim period Levine has busied himself writing non-fiction, including the book for which he is probably best known within our community: “Coming of Age: A History of the Jewish People of Manitoba”, which was published in 2009.

Шахматы под флагом с кленовым листом

Abe YanofskyМихаил СПИВАК,
Руководитель детского шахм. клуба «Эрудит» Результаты сегодняшних канадских турниров сразу дают представление о наиболее успешных шахматных центрах страны.