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Shalom Square ends very successful week during Folklorama

Chai Dancers (Keith Levit photo)

Shalom Square, the Israel Pavilion for Folklorama, played host to sold-out crowds night after night from August 8-14. It was the first time in three years that Folklorama was held and, although the number of pavilions was reduced to only 24 (down from the 40 that participated in 2019), the likelihood was that having far fewer pavilions open led to much larger crowds at well-known pavilions such as Shalom Square.

Like almost everything else having to do with Covid of late though, attendees were evidently largely unconcerned with the threat of catching – or spreading Covid., as very few attendees wore masks. And, while the Chai dancers may have been lacking in numbers (there were only 10 dancers), they more than made up for it in energy and enthusiasm. There were also the usual number of booths on “Main Street” where vendors were able to hawk their wares once more.

Shalom Square

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