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Hit the jackpot in the JetX game — how to play JetX in Parimatch casino in Canada

The new JetX game at Parimatch Canada — use these tips to know how to play JetX and win

Most of the Parimatch Canada players claim that they would like to win in slots more frequently with any bankroll. That’s why there are so many different tips about how to play JetX, and gambling strategies. But to become a successful gambler, more important is to get real gaming experience in the JetX Canada slot, playing with different stakes. And players can easily get that in free demo mode with no registration and risk. That is the best way to learn all the features of this crash game and create your own JetX strategy

Play the JetX with any bankroll — rules and main settings of the JetX Canada game

So JetX Canada is not a typical casino game. That’s why don’t wait to see some reels, paylines or symbols. The only thing that you will see here is a runway with an aircraft. This exact airplane will determine the winning amount based on your stake and the coefficient that will be caught at the moment you’ll get your money. 

The next simple instruction will help you to get the best results in the Jet X game:

  • Pick the size of the bet.
  • Click the «Place a bet‎» to start to play.
  • Select the moment to stop the game, and click the «Collect» button!

As you can see there are no difficulties with the JetX bet placing or the winnings getting. But remember that you need to get your money before the crash of that airplane. 

How to win more in Jet X online — all the secrets of this crash game in Parimatch 

So now you know what is Jet X and how to make some main settings. But how to withdraw money from JetX? This is a really common question, especially among gamblers who’ve never tried to play crash games. 

The most important thing here is to learn how to pick the best moment to get your money. That means that you need to find the right moment to get the money before the aircraft will start to fall. But at the same time not do that too early because the coefficients affect the amount of the final winnings.

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