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Adventurous Spencer Bubis impressive combination of scholarly achievement, athletic ability and social activism

Spencer Bubis


Last summer, when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau flew to the Inuit community of Arctic Bay in the High Arctic to announce the creation of a new long term protected area in Canada’s High Arctic Basin, one of those on hand to greet him was none other tthan Spencer Bubis.

Is 2020 really the year for America’s first Jewish president?

Bernie Sanders/Michael Bloomberg

As Sanders and Bloomberg surge, here are their paths to victory.
WASHINGTON (JTA) — Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg have much in common besides running for the Democratic nomination for president: They’re in their upper 70s, had hardscrabble upbringings and have had contentious relations with the party whose endorsement they now seek.
And both are seeking the chance to make history as the first-ever Jewish presidential nominee.

Winnipeg-born writer Sidura Ludwig speaking at Limmud about changing images of grandparents in kids literature

Sidura Ludwig

Sidura Ludwig’s second book, a collection of short stories titled “You Are Not What We Expected”, has been years in the making. While the new volume will be out in May, the subject of Ludwig’s Limmud presentation – at the Asper Campus on March 1 – will reflect her current focus on children’s books rather than her new publication.
The Winnipeg-born writer’s Limmud presentation will be focusing on the need for more diversity in the portrayal of Jewish grandparents in today’s children’s picture books. The daughter of Israel and Maylene Ludwig is currently working on a Masters Degree in Fine Arts specializing in writing books for children and young adults at the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Managing Ransomware

Yuri Kogan (left) and Zev Cohen

By YURI KOGAN and ZEV COHEN of Ergo Oriens Crisis Management 

In the ‘All Connected World’ ransomware attacks gain traction. Criminals constantly improve at monetizing their access to your network & data. They target an organization, lock up the data, and then demand money hundreds of thousands of dollars or more - in exchange for releasing it to be paid in untraceable crypto- currency. Sometimes, restoration of data from backups is possible. Bypassing the encryption is also an option, but in many cases the bad guys find and destroy backups and use state-of-the-art encryption. The attackers often create backdoors to allow future infiltrations easier, so this may not be the last time you hear from them. 

One man’s story of surviving the Holocaust - briefly told by his daughter

The late Sam Honigman seen here as a baby in a photo taken in Mizerich, Ukraine, prior to WWII. Sam’s sister Devorah is to his right; to his left is his sister Rivka. The woman on the left was Sam’s mother, Gisia, the old woman on the right was Sam’s grandmother, Shaindle and the man holding Sam is his father, Asher. Only Sam survived.

The following article was posted by former Winnipegger Brenda Honigman on Facebook on January 27, International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
There are countless stories written either by Holocaust survivors or their descendants, but we chose to republish this story - partly because the late Sam Honigman was so well known, also because his tale of survival is so typical - and so extraordinarily harrowing, that it brings home in a more personal way the incredible experiences that so many individuals went through during the most horrible period in human history.

Two years ago he was youth ambassador for Shalom Square, now he’s one of the top judokas in his age category in all of Canada

Michael Akbashev

Last year we reported on the success that young Michael Akbashev had been enjoying as a 16-year-old judoka. This year, now 17 (he’ll turn 18 in March), Michael has attained even more success competing against athletes similar in age, most recently having placed first in the “Elite National Eight” judo championships in Montreal in January.